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The "last" Political Platform

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The í'ollowing resolutions were adopted by the Democratie - Liberal State Conventioa hold at Jaokson Thursduy of laat week : Whcreas, As delegatos elected for ths most part without referenco to past political ultiliations to represent thu views of thoso opposed to the munifold corruptions of the party now in possossion ef the governuieut ; improssed with the importanoe of organizing an opposition which, oan unito upon living issues all men who, from whatover cause, desire o change of adiniuistratiou, and hopeful of being able to co-operate with siruiliar moveraents in other states, we hereby, as an expression of sorae of the yiews which prompt our present action, doolare ! 1. That by the events of the last few years it is made manifest thatit willneed all the intelligence and virtue which may bo in tho Kepublioan party to preserve it from such assaults as it has withstood einco tho oloso of the war, and that as citizens wo need to exert tho entire power of our votes and influence with referenoo to tho vital quostions now ing tho attention of tho American people. 2. We assont to the principies of the Ciucinnati and Baltimoro platfornifi, and go doing consider tho questions relating to slavery, tho rights of citizens, and thb national dobt, so settled and determined by constitutional amendnients as to be hiütorical ouly and no louger living iasuea. 3. That if Representatives and Senators in Congress had not folt shielded by tht'ir party associations from the just indignation of the people, such wretched statesmanship as postponing the lien of the Unitöd States on tho TJniou and Cjntral Paoifio Kailroads to that oí' a mortgage rendering tho Hen of the goveruuient worthloss, or such stupendous irauds as that of tho Credit Mobüior, whereby diehonest direotors and managors dividod among theniMlves and leadiug members of Cougress many niillioni of money received ïrom the national treasury could never have occurred. Taught by such examplea we domand that it ba a rule in American politios that voting for rogular nominations shall be no test of party fealty when the slightest suspioion of corruption shall attaoh to the noiniuees. 4. That prompt expulsión from Oimsrress, or iinpeachinent and energetio secutions in the courtB, ought to havo toilowed suoh orinies as partioipation in tho Credit Mobilier fraud, perjurios in futile efforU to sustain denials falsely made during the last Presidential oarupaigu, and tho purchaso of Senatorial honors with mouey or with offioea, aud that the wasting of tho Ia3t session of Congreas in eíforts to excuso and palliatö such flagrant offenses is a ead evidence of the fearful deuaoralization of tho times and of tho inrtuencus whioh control at the national capital. 5. We denounoo as -wicked and corrupt tho motives whioh, during a series of years, have increased the salaries or oorapensation of custora houso oöicern, rüvenue and other oftioiiüs, to suras avuraging; it least 50 per oeut, above whatgis rejuireJ to secure oompetent and faithful serviou, have raultiplied oiïïcea and inventad schemes for plundering the treasury by means of syndicatea, contract, Indian legislation, and other agencies, greatly increasing exponditures in all the departmenta of the governmont, and all for tho sole purpose oí boing able to reward party favoritas and the henohtnen of Senators, and we (Iemand that the same rules of eoonomy be introduoed into the administraron of tho government whioh prevail in the oonduot of a suocessful private business. 6 That overy actor in, andj promoter of, the rooent legislation -vhich, disregaxding the great burden of the national debt and the stringenoy of money, now seriously affocting all classes of business, without necessity or propriety doubled the salary of the President and the pay of memberg of Oonerress, retroactively, and is in the iuturelnoreased to more than $60 per diem for all the timo of their aotual attendance on sessions, ought to be whelmed in such a ílood of scorn and obloquy as to secure a speedy change of the law, and to deter all their successors f rom repeating the scandal and infamy of suoh enactments. 7. That the civil service in overy department of the govornment requires ranovation, that military ideas too largely govern in the making of laws, In thoir construction, and in the nianner of thoir executioli ; that the people of the South who accept thuir changcd situation should be treatod with a forgiving spirit, and that seotional animosities should be no longar kept alive for partiaan purposes ; that strict watch should ba kept against tho unduo contralization of the Federal government, and against suoh encroachments of tho Exeoutive as have latoly overthrown the State government of Louisiana and substituted military usurpation by the power of Federal bayonets, and such changos should bo made as would give the elootion of Senators to the people of the States, give representation to minorities n at least one House of Congrcss and of our State Legislatures, and secure a propor sense of accountability to evory porson acccpting tho trust of public office. 8. With such Views we should prefer organization independent of paat party associations uuder such auspices as will carry no dead issues into future political con tests. We havo no honors for Democrats or Ropublicans as such, we should Beek candidatos on account of fitness, and not for party services ; we would restore tho o-overnmefit to its pristine purity, and we would volcome any indopendont moveinent for the accomplishmont of suoli purposes.


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