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The "foolish Father" To Blame

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Of the President's action in promoting his son over the heads of several hundred of hia senior officers, the Nuw York World says : " There is something almost admirable of its kind in the hupudence wliioh could inspire it. It is a ïniked and shameless attempt to push the professional fortunes of his son at tho expense of the discipline of the service in which he also was reared, so that he cannot plead ignóranos of its traditions, and at the expense of the country of which he is tho Chief Magistrato. The omcers of tho War Depavtmont have stiown a gruater sense of decency in the attempt they have made to couceal this scandalous thing. Of course the young gentleman who has had these honors thvust upon him is not blamable. Ho is rathcr pitiable for being preventod frota acquiring a knowledge of his prof'ession in tho gradual way in which alone it can be learnt. It is hia foolish father who is alono to blamo, and who has shown in this instanoe only a trifle moro shamelessly than he ha3 shown in mauy instances before how littlo he values the publio service in compariaon with tho private interests of himself and his family and his twenty-one relations in office. It is this foremost man in tho salarv-Lrrab, who lately signed $100,000 into his private purao, and who now grabs the place and salary of lieutenant-colonel for his son, from whom dullards hopo and demagogucs pretend to hope a ' reformod civil service' in which promotion shall go by morit and not by favor."


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