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The Connecticut Election

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Tho " Nutnieg State" administored aiiything but consolation to the Radicáis on Monday last. Tho latest dUpatches givo Ikgeesüll, Dcmocratio candidato tor Govornor, Ö4-H! ruajority over both his oppononts, and a plürality ovor Havex, lïcp., of ü.SHt. The Congi-cssmen éleoted aro : Haivley, liep., 1,SO inaj. ; Kelloog, Ecp., 509 niaj. ; Btaukweatiieb, Rep., 1,518 maj.; and Baiixu.v, Dein., 1,G7 inaj., making tho dolegatiou the name politiyally aa last yuar. Tho Senate stands 10 Demócrata and 11 Republicana; last yoar, G Domocrats and 15 Itepublicans. Tho Houso is leported 132 Donio 109 Republicans , last year, 111 Domocrats and 130 Republicans. Of the scveral oities in tho State which helil charter eltiotions on ülonday the following elootw; Democratie Müyors with more or loss of the city tickets : aiom-oo, Adiian, Niles, J.iol.aa, Battle Oreok, Pontiao, Ionin, Hastings, Lay City, St. CUir, FiiuL, Llubkogon, L,uuiuton. Eepublioan Mayors woro cloctol iu Hillslale, ' c:d water, Marshall, Lnsing, Grand Kapids, Grand TI ivcn, Port Huron, Corunna, Lapeer, Saginaw City; but in 80, 'eral oi' theso theso tho Denioorats cairied the other officors. Whun tho smoko cloars away the Domocratio-Liberala wiil bo fuuml to baya niado largo gains over last yoar. TlIE anti-park oandiJates at largo for tho n'ow Detroit Board of listimates - also nominated by tho Deinoerats - wet tact,ed on Monday by an average mujority of over 2,000, and tho oloction for Ward mombera of the sanie Board turned upon the same issue, tho anti-park candidatos being generally succosful - tenth Ward exceptod - rogardleas of party. The autipurk men aro detonnined to use every legitímate means to prevent a eonsummation of tho park sohcme iu defianee of tha wishes of the people. Tho Legislativo will probably learn that " thoro aro a groat many holes in a skimrnor." We ake without our usual returns giving tho lists of officers eleotod iu tho sovoral townsiiips on Monday la%t, or even without definite returna of tbo voto oíi Regenta and Cuunty Superintendent. - Indications are, however, that Kijïtseii, the Deraoci-iitio candidato for Superintendent of Schools is electcd. Wheeleii's majority of 10G two years ago is ïuoro than wiped out by his losfos in Ann Arbor City and Town, so that aniega he has mado unoxpcfted gaius hc is defcatod. P. S. (which means postscript). The olcction of WiiEELEit is claimed. - The county canyass takes place on Tucsday next. nm m , - TiiEjiE have beou heavy iieshets all through trov York and other eastern Statos during tho week, with greafc destruetion ot' riilroad and highway bridges. At liocliostor, N. Y., on Tnesduy evoning tha rivor -Vont foundation wall of the new city buildn.g was washed out. Abc.ut thirty peraoua wero standing on it, and it is supposcd :t nuinber WL'iit into the river and over the falla. The new high dam aOTOSS 'ii.o (j-swego lliver near Oswego was cinied away on Tafsday, ut a loss to tho State of ovor 100,000. A dam at Millbury, Mass., was washed off on Wednnsday niorning, doing great dainage, and froin evcry directian comes similar reporta. AsiïLEY Pond, tho Bar nomineo for Judgo of the new Superior Court of Detroit having'posHively declined to run, tho contost on Monday was botwoon LyiíAM COCHBAOTÜ iho Democratie candidato, and William Jtjxnison, Kepublioan. Mr. CocmtAXE was eleeted by over 1,000 majority. IIo is an ablo lawyer, and in all respects better qualirled for the positiou than his opponent. B. B. lliehmond, of Detroit, ono of tho passongers of the ill-fatod Atlantic, arrived homo on Tuesday forenoon, and niet a warm wqIqood . A miner's drill four feet long and one inch in diameter feil from tho mouth of a shsft at tho Watson's coal Co's bank, at Desmoinee, Ga., and struck Benjamin Cuch, who was ono hundred and twentyeight feet below, in tho back, at tho right of tho spine and just abovo the hip, passing through liis body. Tho sufferer will probably recover.


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