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ÖBOBOJü W. CruTis has temgneii ïi'.s posiHon at hond af the Oitil-Serrioe Iicforni Bureau, and the Buicau ifr.olf has info bankruptoy. ToucUiög 'nis resignation tli Niiw York EeetUng Pott says : " He rosir-ru. ... ! lus poBition eoon after tii:: recont l jdor il - . this 'iv, sitiiply ar.d -■■■ tgp h( ment;!, and ot'iura eid where, ':. l' ]■■'! 'Ur.HVtl (jivil :■.■, vii-.l iiV.l'bOílTli. jilH r.n. ni, ( ... of Tj:;N, ,, .,, 1 „u,.,. poim . ,. v . n brbad and lö Ifble is m-ulc ;rl !',, üdelpbin. platfonn. And tha.t is ll was m iutioa. L1 wis - n ■ , :' Slorgin uatil pfter eleotioa" uuJ Wjöö u,t ...i to eme si, le o gii i fcoaíl tii.' b n l.uw, ut'phews, oousins and Iiuül-i .-■■ -on nt the t nd bía politioal favorii . - Ï3i'ii. lïiitlr makea rnstitution to tlic proteslhig mil indignant tax-payers oí' lus district by charging thoiu with I ie postage paid on h3 answers to their lettere. Me writt's to all oomplaining coiistitiKüits, " You will líiid yourthree cents on the outside of this letter:" a stamp matead oí' a " frank." As oíd Jake Summera said to tho Pontiac lawyor who yme h un, ti ti g np ;t causa í'or divpree,," that's it, ld ent as h - 1. - The llon. J. G-. Suthcrland, ex-nicmhor of Congrcss and ono of the baok-jay voting metubers, w:i9 t.he Dünjocratic far Ilayor of gaginaw ('iity at the reeeut cleotion, and was hand ■ Jefoated. Served Iho party xigfat í'ur notninatittg him. Iíis votos in Cu)wore almost uniformly anti-Dcniocratie, and tho party should not indorse him by oven a local nominatioii and election. - An Ohio Eopublican journal proposes tho followiug amendracnt to the U. S, Const.itution : "Every scoundrcl shall have the right, as Congressman and Senator, to vote an increaso of salary whenever he feels likü stealing." But isn't tho poscd job wholly u-neeessary ? Don't they exerciso that right, or power rathur, now ? - Both the Michigan Senators and four Michigan Bepresentatives votod against tho back-aetion incroaso of salaries, but as yot pot one of tneit names appears in tho list of nicmbers rofusing tq prolit by tho steal. " Tho partakor ia as bad as tho thief" ia a woll known legal maxim. - Arkansas promises to bo the " promised land" for iemale teachers, the House ha ving pas sed a bilí " fixing tho pay of all teachers, without regard to sex, holding the same grade oí' certifioatos, at tii.) same price." No distinctiou seeuis to lo mado in schools or placos. - Tho Jay Cooko arrivo at idandusky from Detroit on Friday evening, tho iirst boat to. crosa tho lako this soason. Sho mado hoi way through ftbout twentyfivo milos of ice off the mouth of tho Detroit liiver and in l'ut-in Bay. - Tho Bidwell Brothers, tho Bank of Kngland i'orgors, onco livcd at Grand Eapids, whero Georgo playod tho rolo of Baptist proacher long cnough to win publio oonfidenco and put up a big svinclling job. - Thoso patent " lotlists" and patriots, .Phelps, Dodge & Co. havo disgorgo d freely bociiuso of tboir "littlo irregularities," the informer gottiug 71,000, as.d ie oustom cfficers $20,000 each. - Tho Ponnsylvania Railroad Company propo3& to lay two additional tracks botweeu Pittsburgh and Philadi 1phia during tho present ycar. - Six inches of suow feil in Denvor on Sunday night last. Tiow ia that for thut oliino cf ethcrial njüdrteas V - Kansas was blessd with a heavy snow storm on Tuesday, and Missouri with heavy rains. At tho fourtb annual meeting of tho Washtenaw Teachers' Association held at at Oholsoa on Maroh 31st, April lst, 2d, 3d and 4th, tbo foilowing rosolutions woro adoptcd : . Resolved, Thafc wo regard tho Teachers' Association of Washtonaw of infinito iinportanoe and usafulness to all concerned in the work of oducatiüii within our county; thnt wo bolio-yo tho interchacgo of ideas, tho comparison of mothods of instruotion and of discipline, whioh encourage yo.ung teachers and inspiro theci with now energy, and by lyhich oldur ones receivo valuablo suggestions, and tho seÜ-co'iccited are torced to toar ava.y froiii sonie of tboir old notions and grow wiser ; these togethor with tho many jjructieal lessoos receivcd from somo qï tho ablest and bost educators of the excite an cuthusiasm for our profession, impross ua with proper viows of the dignity and respousibility of our employinent, and is the tiuo way to improve and bost fit ourselvos for tho work vo have to do. luxJlteil, That our sincero thanks aro tendored to all who favorcd us with tlieir essays, papers, questions, answers and discussions, and ia a. special marmer to Professors Estabrook, Goodison, MoLouth and Hiss Hoppin for tlieir most valnable lectures on tho methods both of teachhi" , and discipline. licuóle ,', That, wo as teachers, fceling the need of botter and more effiaiojit proparalion for our work, and the iiuportauce of stsizing every opportuuity placed within our reaeh, do heartily commend tho good attondancü and the interest manifestad in tho exereises of tho asüociation by the teachers of tho county. Resolved, That vhilo our warrucst thanks are duo to all who havo met with os, .-o are under speuia-1 obligafcions to Supt. Wheeler for his endea.vui1 to inako our schools what thoy Bhould ba, h'yj, kind attention to our bost interest, and his niany praotical hints and suggestions concerning our work. Besolmd, That thn earnest and hoartfelt thanks of tho assooiation aro duo to the citizens of Chelsoa for tho kmdneta and hosjitality thoy havo shown by opening their houses for o-uv entertainment. liesolced, That our thanks should also be tendored to tho membera of tho different choirs of the plaoo, who havo so kindly contributed to eulivcn tho exereises of tho association. Two adjoininp;townhips in (Jonnoeticut have apeut 2,500 in litigation to decido which oi' tlioui U rcspousiblo for tho support of a pauper, lt would havo been r to havo baught and stooked a ?2,000 farm, and let the pauper run it himself. l'eoplü will novor sec, howover. Two Brooklyn women billiardists played a match of üOO points in a public billiard room, tho other morning, but tho doors wero closod and only a few of their Erieoda admitted. One of thom put in a protty little run oí 87;


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