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The Mormon Problem Nearing Its Solution

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St. Louis. April 9.- Tlo GIJ,,: has a special iiom Lake City, wbioh sij-s Brigham Youug speaks dmüy of abdieatin. Por aorus tiuxo preptsrations have baea made for a Mormon exodus yuthwaij. A largo nninber leave in a few dayg, vith Young at their head. Their destination is the valley bordering on tho San Francisco Mountains, in Arixona, neai thq T %gt Paqi.o Bailioad. Brigh:u. i FouQg, in aiiticQiation, has teaigned thu l'rusidunny oS the Peseret National 'Bank, tho Zion Companj .,. Mercautilo I(istitution, and li.iilro.ul, and ia ivspectiwly süooeedod by II. jn. ',. Hoopcr, den. jpidrjdge and "WilHaia Jennings. young seos bis diminishing, siid seoka a ík;w li;calií.y where hu can be eupreme. The Morman ptsoblem in Utah U solveil, and thu war yill be trausferred to Arizona. Sorae prominent Mormons, with large business int statu tliat they will reui:ün until they atsll out. m Brigham Youog tlii.s afiernoon publiely, iu the Tabetnacle, before au immense audieuce, esigued th position oí' trustee iu trust of Üie viiüt Munnon Chureh propeitjr and i'unds. I" said he was going so i'ti,r iriouth thüt ihe telegraph would uot ;eaoh him. Salt j,;. kv., April !). - The spring couferenoe of Latter lay ISainta olosed yesterday. A number ot' prominent ohurch man wero sont on a niissioü to Kurope and tho islands in tliu Pacific. New oüioes havo been created and filled, oceasioned by tbc resignation oí' Brigbam Yourig as trustee in trust ot' tha chureh. Tweuty-iivu thousand dollar lond.s aro requir-, ed of tho trustee in trust of tho oh 0,000 of the assistants, who handle í!5O0,00O and moro funds ycarJy. Iho JLflfayette JHspatch profejse3 to havo lost all 7-cspectaiid sympathy t'or tho citizün of that place wlio, knowing ho,v to uso a shot gun, haj sought no revenga upou tho partios who palmed ofï upon bim tlio bindquartora of a Ifewfoundlaiid dog for muttt.1!!. a it ia our duty ik out n e . . ■ :. tt in general ie is best to abstaiu fron ing, oven of cvil persona. S not nado judges oí' otliers' action eme has a riht to ásgame the chai biter and censor Even the bost oï us li.ivo our faults, and if every ono I presume to dansunce tbi . iduct of othejs, tlio world would be giveii up tp defamatio, Treasury tent has comwencod paying the cotton claims under 't ot' May (8, 1S,"2. Over 1,200 !, cqvering ov r will bo rpjeoted on account of insuffieient Fifteen million dollar" i ton finid remain in the !T"easury. 'J'lte claims boing paid are tbr cotton seis Government agenta after June 10, I A ppor womiyn wbo has fpr gome time n Enmate of the Cleveland infinnury, depe.o(Jent upa the eharity of the city, has fallen heir to quite i snn! fortune by 'the death of a, rcuitivo in 'B.altim oro.


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