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inday. the April rvn-.. lal storra IV-■ _.The now Oommon Coimoil will lioi.l H !nH onMort'tay Oveninf! next rentinsrintheEpisoopalQhureliwai ,ext,Bt lOo'ciookA. M. thiacity 011 Mob n fullona. Cau : iteon .... .. Botspord, formorly of Èhia cty, Udermaa ' !' De' i _ Spins Rot set-baok Wedm ■ !"n ... and. i ; . _Momlay wasmiW ani spring-liko. lncjjr.woll itstormedand wqnldnit ha h ,! ■ :"- _-Pach A-Arm, c.avisq tho A.W : i in store, au.l wo'11 IAM sotnuthin? lüoft _C. S. J!i'i ia bek fr0:n '" Yllr1'' ilnl1 ,,le proods my be looked for id'a Store." irowned at Bochester,N. ï- "" thfi cvcnni?; of the Sfh ïast, oousin oi Ohís. È. Latqceb of tliis tóy. ta of Ihc Northcru lircu-ery, in the iftl, WanJ pve way on Sunday forenooo, ie 1 doing ot!er j - Bev. Dr. Qeo. IíacDoiiaid í) to irtvc tlic last lecture i" tho 8. L. A. coursa Fridayeyen xt, April l-" at the M. E. Church. : John Miltoij." lys that a chüd of PaTBIOï ... livin:.' in the Third Woed, was bil eaday. Yeeterday ih ■ ..i„l to Ijs mad, and was killed affer amad ■ late Ypmlanti charter elecbon j ie urcial- oxgan oi the temperanca fci care the temporalice candidato for City fflerk Jd-shoulder, beoause lic was the oj of the. -(jisl Sentinel. llcsult: young IVui-Thi-ïf had a larger majority than the ,.„..,,. , -.u the samo ticket, -ffb.0 was (ï,;r. I by the Oonsmerra _ 'jv Eoii, i ;:i " ia clipped frota the _;-,r,.j ,■ ylasi: 3ke imana man who 'l.vlliiiiïsoli in ali-n.ljcryilèdownihuiïver ! -eed out öaturday, and tras toto bearesi ,Jout of Aun Artor. He had considerable money witli hiin, ,i,i,l bis insanijy seepjed io have been oecasioned liV ,.j,,k. 1 1 , hl une in the afteriK'on." : ffith the F.ree Press, " who is ht f " - Theaudieyce at the Adi-.t.aibh PmiüFPS concert on Patuvday e-rening last was very small, bit the eo]ireiiv:,: th( bi i ol the Bgaaon. Misa rmu.ii'rs haB ft superior voice and it vnu in cjcellent conditioii. She was raturously aijJaudedand I bot tobrïng down renewcil and increasei approval. Camilla preved hrself lurtli muxter ot the iolin and of her licai-crs, ajad theóflier performer:; &usUin;td tl.cir parts v. .11. M e hope tliat Miss Phillhts niay cujnc agJD at a ÉKIÖI oppoïtaOp time. For Beveral years tho Common Cormcil of this city hasbec :t tic pelitically, butin the new cil tli! tie i bióken, there Iiuin? eight Demócrata and sis Eepublioai ., as Eolloyire : Mayor - Ilirnm ' B arder - iSimí. ,Si_ylu!.. Aldermcii - i ird- J. G. Lrlrmil, Seück Wond. 2d wanl- Geo. I'. Lutz, .T. U. Gros' Sdward- John B. Lo-.v,' W. H. Mclnfyn. iward- Moaes jR un Detibd. óthirard- Jl, Geo. II. 1: Cfhward- . 7;. ,s';,.Ví, CVís. i?, 'rr-. Bepublicaus in IU,H.s. The Aldcnai; íi-t liftuied in each ward }iold3 over. A Tribune correspondent tries .lo let the EeJoMicana of this city doivn easy y chargiiig thittheirdefeat U n'aiilmtüljlo to whisky, and the Democratie viytory ia a whisky victoly. That will do to teil vhuo Mussrs. Buakes, Seylek, Míxly, and Cla.kk, tlie Buecessfnl ci'y cinilidáteB, are anknown. "VVo suspect that fie pecch of Jfayor Beakes, mailo in.tesponse to tlio serenade at kis iiouso in the -evening, will put a stop to all sucli Ijosh stories. - Bcsides, wc shculd think that KcpuMiestis woald be slow to snggest thset their defeat was diargeaWe to whiáky, orto acknowledge that e n numbei pi Bepubliean veler: couldjbe I with whisky nnd beer. Toji Totmb.- The Tor? Thn;ub troupe of little fulks aro I i app r at BüI'h Opera Soase mTuesday, April ló, haring recentïj tv.: írjiu B I luir in Jiavopo, Asia and alia. The London Times saya oí them : "Itany a lady sL fiiehion, pTn va Cuui-t, oiri,- t'.io cUarniin'i Mvi. Tora Tlminli ana her v. Warren, forthagroat vatiei t riehness of tlicu ■ say nofliingoi tïy fbta princely displsy oL liiamouflserf üi which ;iü ■. ■].., i ,■■'.-, thcmi and ■ : oïianriinü HtÜe liulies from (lic Great K-julilic. But 'hindsome is Who haodso the trut; okl proverb, ■iuiil all who Eonnanoes of thcso Bloot captivatinsr miniatura ladios, aidedby üw lieroic Geni ral ' "in Thumb and the gaUftnt auJ inimitable Conimoilore Sutt, will unito in uyini; that tlicir entertainment is a-s nirprising and deliglitful as it ia kwiu bing and est nary." We re without defiuite returns as to fee vote on the Court House loan, but have enougli to de-" termino it3 defeat. Ypsilanti whistltd, and Saline, Manchester, Chel rural towns joincd in the chorus. Wc aru uot in the least surpiised at the icsuit, ljut hope that itwill le a long tipte bciore Aim irhor will agaiii oil'ur (33,000 in consideration öf Tha nse oí t ,vo rooms. Aun Arhor can put up witli the oM tumhlc-dowu afl'air as Ion:; as the otjier lowns. - The loan "would have lictu dsfe&ted stil the if Aun Arbor had ofïered $50,000 and' lulu't asked acy room. Mr. L.iW. Mead, agent for íl sais. EvERrfe c Stewakt, wílo proposo to publish a County Atlas, is now oanvassing our city, and c Lusfcak fov lum a j;on'-'rous Bnbsciijtion. Eacli townittobe given on a singlo page and lairge Kale, showiní; strcams, roads, bchool-liouses, utc, nd giving fhe naine of cacli lai:d-o'.vnur. the Atlas will also include historie and descriptive . of eaoli t 'ivnsliip, tLpiiralo maps oi citioi mul vülagea, Ülu i milis, facturies, blocltB, i iii-houses, city icsidcncos, and a full directory of Bubscribors. Tliu sample Atlas íhown warrants us in urging our readers to give the eutorpriao their patronage. Wu invito attention to tho advertiscment in 1er column of a new "Sectional Atlas oï Michigan," soon to bc published by 1 ;:;i;y it Wallino, of Detroit. Tiidi . county is to Lo givun on a page surroundod by Ijoining tiers oftownshipfl of other countics. The Bcsle is large, the coloring fine, and the volume piOBaiiea, as th; i at wil! show, to Ik; y;i1iií'.11; :i!i!ic i'or iffl mii?, histo. rical, and statistiool informa The returns 1'roui tho various counties of Ohio uro so few of tliom official tliat it (i irapos8Íble to definitely tatc, whcthur tho liepublicans orDemocrats liavo a 1:1ajority in tho Constitntional Convontiön. ïrom tho most roliable returns reciivo-l np to this hour tho politiöftl oomplexion oftho convéntion will bo fifty-one ] lioans to forty Demócrata, and sevoii Liberáis, wit!-, geven counties yet to licar


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