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Fruit Prospects In The St. Joseph Region

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lo correct wc givo tuis weus wuai souie of ooi best fruit cukurists regard as tho present fruit prospecta for 1873. Peachea. Bvery oid peuch treo that went i:ito tlie winter with au itupaixed vitality, froiu drought, overbearing or by Jisoase is probably dead, and bloased ridance to them. AH tho b-ads on live trees of tho tundur varieties, aro dead; but live budp aro found amoBg o harder rarieties, and wliile many fruit giowers give up all e;:i'Oü:aiiond of a singlo peaoh, others are vc-ry Bauguine of not ïuereiy peuchea to eat, but pcacbes to sliip to r. We aio eonfident there are .ali'uin liie iSt. Josopti fruit región, whídi v.-ül ií futuro destruotipn i ';' milco a very faiTOl'Op. tnquiríes mado among whpse orperienco ontitles their opinión xt weight, inyariábly resulta iu thia, Apples aro unhurt. This ia tho apple year ard tu0KL. ruit región will grobably have ip unusuiilly large orop oí' ííüo ajjS"irs. ïhoy are probably all killed.. _ ,'(,-..?. Iba erop promiaos wolí. Tisis is tho result oí' peraoual obstsryaticm as weü as rcuort. , Opinions differ as to the tixtout to which eherries are injuied. Bukis ir!V(; boen killed, "büt so f mail a ratio to the total bloom of the trees, Ihat we feel safo in -tirc(iictii:g i'or the St. JoSeph iinit región a i'ull erop oif every variety. Quinces. Always hurdy, we havo po reasou to oxpect any tliing but a fp.ll crox-1tili-au-ha-rus. In fiuc condition, uniler tho snow all winter imd never better. Red Baspberries. Canes in goud ordor and promitso wull. BlaMmrUs. Lawton's out of the snow. bailly hurt. WUson's and' Kittatinies in g'ood ooiidiiion. IS keneverproteoted, by snow, and tbero bas been a "tóry general protection, blaofeberríes aro in goed srder. We pyedict aa niivuy blaokbérries as maWtet wül consumí! at reinuiierativd pnces to the prody-eer. The fruit prospecta of the fcji. Joseph fruit rciou .187:1 aio tair. Aa icucti ïnouey, we assert tliaí. moro moticy will bo made by 'ího bale of fruit in '73 ttían was inado in '72. Priees will rulu high, and ioonsumcrs will havo touoandget and pay foï all they want, t'or it will riot go begging to bo kept from rotting on tho doek.'


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