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Kt. Andrew'l CJiurcli Iv:iris5 Vt'vt' iiijj.- TIip annual meeting for theelection of W udons nuil V. -trvmen. and foi the rentiog of pews, will be held in th ohurch uu Eaalor Mondfty, April , at 10 o'clock a. si. 1121 T,. B. 0","IORE. Seu'y. Kinf of tlie Silooi!. - l'iMi'i.üs oh tub '"a-e. I liavu betn trouólui f r ihe pust (hree er f mr ynars witli il vory ili:. , fïuption on mjr hvc, nnd had triad inany different remedies, aa wH u phyïicians, an.l lmrt gives ap disoouraged, thinking I neyer should be cured, when T nocideiitally heard nf your Kiwo of the Blooi. I bought a bottle md o s and ren ived relief, and three bottles more 1 ain eompletely cvfe3_, and enn oheerfully recommeud it tu those aölicted willi cvotuluua dise.ujíT,, or any impurity of fche bloodn. J!. MlNEB, Tekgrnpli Oporntor, Avuca, X. Y. Bee tUlTertisement in ilumn. 141 Siic Vipi5'K, TIn suSerin which mflny ladii experiena tromeAki 8 s ■ ripples, i lit tle r?:ilized by mon. A reme ly Ji as now oometo tliein, aii.l the wonder i ■ th i( il lm not been discuwve.l befure. Tlie Centaur LinimorU i.-; as delicate aml RQDthItg ftn a oosmetic, and afforda sueli epeedy and ptrminiMit r'ilijf, thafi wj ufi showevod down trith thank.-s. tt i almply a woflduríul tlii&g I lumenees, :ihd Citildrcn cry- fot Pltcher'a Caftorl. It reSnlatef rhe Btom&cht carea wlud collCi and causes natural 8lucp H is a snbitltute fut castor uil. 1410WÜ Hc)Cd tlie Mlitppl.- Thoa ■ etireadi gone, and tnousuads more are turniur tlieir irards new pernea in tlio fertile West. To to MCiissouïi, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, ain , Kei ida, Oregun or California, we . ,1 a oheap, safe, quick and dircet route, tia St. Lonis, over the Missouri Pacific Bailroad, ivhirh runsits üiohes and Pullman Sleepers ftoin si. Louis lo principal pöinta in the r,:in' V."rb,iliuve tliat tlio Missouri Facifio Bailtoad han the best traék and the j nut mul eqoipment ol' any line res ui1 1 !).■ Mississippi, and lts conneeüüln wiih road.s i'urther West are prompt (md reliabls. The Texas oounection of thia road is now coiiipl'.'tffl, and ]as--oi!'rrrs ure effered a, air rail route irom St. [xuis to Texis, eitlier over til Missouri, Kansas & Texas H. Í ., rio Sajalín, or over the Atlantic Jri'atiáo :. I:., via Vinüa. For mapa, - . .i. in. i i n lo ratea, runtes, &o.we ïefer our readers to I. O. Wheeler, N'orthern ra.-aena.%, Lloyd street, Buifalo, X. Y., or E. A St. 'nis, Mii. Questioiis milt ir: chettfully and pfóttlptly answered 1 Kiiirra(iin Tnrnfnc! 'linap Farms tn jut!wet WtwMurt t- Th Atlautiü & L'uciflc Uiilroüd Compno y oflura 1.200,000 ncrea of 1 fel ia ''■■ i' il and SouthWPSt Misso'iri, at . . . ■. iven years tiim, with iruo iransi froi i c ', tais h a'l [i iroh isits. Climate, sni, limber, m tiei ü waalrti jfihooU. chuvohesaad ■. aiu'fanis Iiom all n.iriils I ,'id .f frurïS i.i '■ ■ rers. For partioulftra, a.i.'n'vs, A. Tuok, Liiud Commisaioner, Kt. Louis, Misaouri. 11'


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