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Detroit Live Stock Market

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Michigan Cehtbal Yaiuk, 5lon-.i-i, Ap i T'ie roceipts at taesu yards trom the vaVióua poiñts in the State for tlic woek ending April 7, os icllowa : „ neaíl. c-.ta Hogs ; 5".'.1? Sh4p '.-'■■ ■ ], catfcte Bhippei J ist, 1,416 heá L, ajaiust j,U:jl or tíie previo. n vujk ; hog?, 103, CATTLE. Tlicrc was a c'.o.ser feoli'úg at ths opening of tlie markot, and a decline oL 25 ueutb in ' the bransansaotíon oL fiio day. Drovcrá wcro compelled to solí moreby the single i: out ftagmentary lots. The quality pn wasn eiium, :liu ook beo liout the State. Shippera frbnrthis mj,p ■ rt vcry ciioico lots in tli.: ! im the nortliwcstem región and-msurh quautities as to choke the ninrkci?. Thia has a direet beariog on the markets Jici-o, owingto their proximity and easy aooessibUity. What aingweek will lu ag abouí íii the mat tur oí prioes none venturo to iiro.Uct. Oí the kinds most ia (Iemand Btockeaj find tlie most ..nd their Bcarcity hcre, tliat is of a good clara, has soma effect on the prioes offert 'j-I,,-, home i a little brisker, ttiis trade hcing oonfined to salés bythe head, oflen above and again below the aocepted ■ Locally tlioro wcre no Iota in the pons, the pioseflt impaSBable rotftls compeüing dravers to opcrate in settious where thora m railroad'communioation to tho uiarkot. We quote : Dhoice to extra, averaging 1,000 te 1,200 lbs., in good fleuli and build M '5@ 5 üomiuon to ohou, aTeraging 1, to'1 2tX) fta in medium fleèn and build. . . i M4 to Ligat oattle iur feederi .■ 3 25(3 .J HOfiS. Trom the appAraaSS oL Iota in iiens it would sueni Uiat cvury corixor i.s ransácked to flll tliu demand tor storo hog. Hm lots aro of ovèry wight and kind, aomc ft a claas that woald not havo btnlookcd at a couplo oL months ago, but now briaging tlio highest nMiket prfoe. : dasa rl' liogs irom the Nsrthwestern Statos, wViicli, for tho past two wéekaj camc in such laro quautiea, is no longcr coming inThe demand continuos activo, alively competitíongoi ■ach Iotas it arrivus in iiiarket. We iiuolc ; Lot veregtog tM tu 200 lla. nico thapo and good for store ' Í5 00ÍJ5 2j Lol.-: averagiiü U)ü to 150 lbs. suitsble for yackera,....' - M 0@4 ïft í::íkp. In point oL ijuality thfi lots Uiat uriived ing the wcok and sold liero were excellent. Tho staguation which huBg ovar tho sheêp raaiitct detórred mimy froni "vettturing for a few woeks ]i i-.t, ruid the momeutary glimpse of a brigHter ■. iaï tbiihg ldtsKere. The I inieus were tot realizLbt 1 :' i ragiug 3 to !l!l Ib8, eboice r ules and ii i öoaditiou Jfi 0C5 25 Luta nveiuginii 80 to '.j il.,., medium ta ..lid order ■ ■ i '-i ■


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