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rjp II E A-ÜSTIST AEBOE TRADING JÜuutJIjiül 1 0 il TjVill súíl all of lln-ir FALL AiNJ) WJNTKR Dky CgoosI AT ' KEW YOSK COST - ; - TOP - - 3O !D.A."2SÏ CARPETINGS Á1 thüso wisl:iii.'J to purclnu.0 CARIlTINdïlHlSPFill Will d cl fn oa il ,i once and malee thelr poxèbasfe. iVe HKMiU juót ivhat Wc hay, GOMS ANO SEE! ■ W Lavu the iost (oinplol9 ASSQRTMENT oí To be fouiul in 9 Ü. W. HAYS, Supt. Maroh 10, 1ST3. 1417 VyiIEllE ÏO BUY BLEACHED CQTrONS ! MACK % SCHiVlID Have just roccived a largo atoofc of flio BEST A-tD MOST POÍULAR ["brands ! '"'■■ E'ew York Mills, Wamsuttas,' Utica, "N'onnareiïs, Tuscaroras, FRUIT OF THE LOOM Lonsdale, llilh' Semcr Idem, Cahots, Lc. BiWI CÖÏÏOI! A.8 well as m oUrL-r linos oí" our gDods, we uvú enabled to show tlie Largest aml ISest Assortment ixi tlie city, ut the LOWEST 3PRICES. 1-109 4 NN All BOE Mineral Springs Hoiise. ld föAtfttfirt roscrt for tealth-seekers is now open, with ïts J ■ ' - SRON, MAGNESIA, AND SÜLPHÜR WATERS, ComraocÜonsbiüidii ii lve.-itod by stoam, and large and wclI-vciHilutod rooms. WATER AND AIR BATHS, Of all temperaüpeft atóo Sliower, Vapor, Uedicated. and Blectriï BAna are i'inployt rt with advaniaje iu tlic treainxut of all fomns of chr#otc oseases rtud ditioasoa of fcinalus. Speolal astention iaid to diüt. With pïeaaijt 8iirrni-niliti!.r,;ui(l sttuated in ono of the most heai'thy and bêautifulcities in thecofcntry,if poMMsea attractlono for invalida or tor pléasuru-pii.'iï(;r3 8tMoni fouud. The afi!iíjciii.of tlie Spriugg will be luruished on anpllcatio&i Perso ua desïrint; ctrcaiars ti sond to thoii frlenda eau procure them it the oftlceof the Propfietors on Horos str&et, or at the pringa. Addxeafl all luttere of iuq;iiry to MültlUS HAL% M. D., Slipt. Akjs AunoH, JJUcir. Suthcrlunl onü VUcloii, PropN; Anu Albor, Mich. Juno, 11, Ib72. XTEW CASH DRY GOODS 'STOBE. G. H. MILIiEKT & SON lEavc 'ilutci'iainud to condnotthe business of ■ - . buyini nud selliug" Dry Coods! On CASH ruINCIPLES. It ncods no argument theae da; ■ to sutisfy adl that tiio OA8H SYSTEM ] .■ gireaüy to the advantageuf both baya and attUer. C. II. MILLSN & SON.


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