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p-j PGENERAL 1 Mjl LJ ÍJiS CONVEYAHCER g-L-JL Wil ABSTRACT BOOKS! partiivlly indïcated aboro. are now popted to date. i'hi'v !',■ ! d or jKwted iorrn, show he orijinai ch.i n and ■iü aew cbuiusuf title. lust anee, ach i VUD1T0R GENERAL'S DEEDS, Ktiown ü3 TaX-litkw, wliich are ver y uumerous in tuis Count.y, Decrees, Contract?, Deeds ! Mn, nAw ns woli ns all oL Mie oM nnittaöii 'Tcrtynt as far back .'is is-'l . ;. jions. ■.. ui rv■ ■ ■ ■ . ■■ ire not foitnd in the tisial mo te of search hy 1 ■ it the f' o ■ ■ boöfcs or linersinthe oöice have beo m ■ - ' nhimqous tb U loasr I im ■ ; nake a hftaly and u u ditil le a i h. W tti ourfacililea we say tn tbe public thnt we can Bho i m1 Title History, mal nents, ' ■ Ly, qnicker &i)á iu jatter eiylfi tlianany oüier u . . We 1MV0 On Bouil nd llortgiiije en long timo. REAL E STA. TE ES TO EENT. 88 aciM ppopütí tbe ObBervutory for aale in lois tosuit purBOOT & LSITER, Keul Estáte Agenta, No. . ry r.lock, VflACT W. , and opposite the J-'uidííi.t. ; BAXLS8 A. Leiteh. UlOtf STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, A perfect hair dressing- not a dye . nor a rcstoratire, but a dressing, elegant r"-r-l aud ecnomical. ■ STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE is cooling to tbc ecalp, imparta a deliglitful nense of ïitality I and soitness to J tlio nair. " ■- 'I STEARNS' COCO-OLEINË, eweeüy pprfuined and lirnpid, renders tho huir supple and y - % drosses it in any [■ ■" H dcsireJ " STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entircly vegetable oil, pruventa tbat dryuess of sealp w H i et ( i causes dandruü p1-,-- to uccumulate. ' ' ' STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE contains in one large bottle more oil and inoro perfumo ■_ - than any othcr - liin dressing marltet, andl ' bcsid03i sold twenty-flvo per cent. less than most otberb. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightens blonde hair.darkensaub . ■ urn hair, renders lustrous taovm and black V.i ■■■■ hair, lessoua the harshness of coarse hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IS MADE ONLÏ Bï lEEDEEIOK STEAENS, - 0KEMÍST, ïETItOIT, MICII. Sold everywhere. Be sure and get the Genuine Coco-Oleine. Lot no oue palm off onyou a bottlo of ome cheap and worlhless imitation of CocoOlrine. Tlicro are more than twenty counterfeits of it now sold, put up as near ükc the genuino as the ■Hatera are and eyado the law. The Cliea-)cs;t and Bost Fire Department iu the World. Ocer One Thousand Actual Pifes Pul Out WITH IT, M MIE TILOI f,ilO,OOO,OO O . O O WoKh of - (ejiert Saved From the Flames. THE gABDOCl j EIRE; Ixtin&uisheÏ ALSO. THI Baiicock Self-Acting Fire Engine, För Huls, City, Town and Village Use. V.--.-. ! ■- ■ It is nlwayaready to use instantly. and is moro. effectivë than a steam tire engtoe, beq De it ia soon it hnoactiun and throwsn prt eiiul treair. L impregnated witn: oarboulo acid gui for any ( ltíiiíth of time. ■ i Itdiapenêea with eomplex mactnuery; flre j panies, reservoirs and uctrm hose. Carbonicacld1 ns is bbththe working and extinguiehtng agent.; ro steara tu be rateed-no ftre toba kindled- nu himc! to ba Iiiiil, nolarge coaipany to be muMereo .' The time thus aaved ia u building saved. It will tirro i or -i Btieanw irt :i time, and ono-cjttnrtei can , te re-cnargad whBe the other is wuklui;. Itae Fromdi u ctlon by water, what the flre has apareo , itsM-'tln-v„ ba oes not defirste-. Bh.ln dailyose , j, Clnclnnatl, St. Louis, Mobile, , i Sther Pire Departmente sand foi their , record, Goofl ayents i ü. T. BATttNUM, eo. Aiieiit, 118 Woodward Avo., Detroit. amlfactarer oT Iron,v Coppor and Braea Wire, -vire Olulli, Bolting Cloth, Barr MUI Btone, Broom Wire and Twiuo, Copper Weather Vane, Wlie OonnWr Railing, Wiie . ïonelfig and Ornamental Wire Work. 141Uyrl CAW GUMMER & SHARPENEE. AOIIRAP, sitírple, anic durable Maohine sasily mxmg Wbeals f rom 8i inche to }2ï 1 inch. Frice of Machine, $15. 'wheela with ln'Vblleil, doublé bevelled and round a $3.12 to $7 .35, acoordiog lo thickLeavier Maohinps S7O and SÖO, running I s up to 24 mi b.ea in aiamet r. Por Ulustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, addrénf THE TAWITK CO., 141& Stioudsimvg, 3101U00 Co., Ta. " 81'KCIAL, OTÏCE ! All of tho TATiï'ÏE CpS gtioda ure airoctly - . leftj ofd Faotory und under thtir un Patenta a II, is cheaper to Imy Standard Oooda directly from well known Mauulaeturera tlian to bny of Dealers or priued of poorgoods. The fullest information on uil puinta oonneoted ith Enicry Wueela aiïel Emiir j--t;viullKg-.lliicliiucry will be fumUlu-d by tlus Compaoy. Ul8m8 TMrROVED SAXON CEYSTALS, SPEOTA.CLES UTO EYE FRESERVBRS. Patronized aud recommended by tho most eminent Oculista and gentlemen of the mediaal i greal fcranBprentefrctdve aatUity, eo con.., niol ed :i i to effei reUef and preserve 'the frmetiona of the eyesi The sight of the groatly assisted ; weakslht strengthened, und perftot bifiht pre&erve4 KOfiOJfïOAS & SOXS, PitAUTlfAL O'vi and U : ■ lie hnproved EYK !'AUAUT LENS, COÑI A : i .'.'■. I8E8 for neár-righted iv.-mií. 'JACOB 1IAK.L.ÍJU, Agent, UÍS'má No. Ï2 Kaat Hurón Bt., Ano Arbor. TLOÜE AND FEED gTQRE. KENRIT TASCH $CQ88öT to Gco. Laubeugaycr,) t 1-3 Went V-iberly StreetHkeepconstantlv (in intuí ;l Culi stock of fiour. Moni, Oats, Com, Mili F d, &c. A.U orders promptly tillcd ,-it the lowI ( 'aLí', 1 llêy 1


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