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Magnolia Balm .A FEW APPLICATIONS MAKK A I Pure Blooming Complexion.1 It ia Pnrély Vegetable, and ita operation la aen and f elt at once. It does away witb. the Flushed Appearauco caused by Heat, Fatigue, and Excitement. Healí anA removeB all 331otcle8 and Pimples, dispelling dart and tuisightly spots. Drives away Tan, Freckles, and Sunburn, and by lts genüo but powerful lnüueac monUes thú faded cliecls; ysltix , ,. YOUTHFUL BLOOM AUD BEAUTY. 1 riold by all Dmgglst and Fancy Store. Dopo% JS3 Park Place. New orli. - ■ -■■ LjQ PIECES OF BLACK ALPACAS! JUST UECEIVED - AT HCK I SGHMirS 1416 DEOTRESS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHERS ! Don't fail to procure ifIRS. AVÏJVSlüws sooTHfxe sïbcp ron tUIUDUCiV ï'IiEXÏIIIVt;. Thlg valnable pi-cparaUon has been used with NEVER-I'AILING SUCCtSS IN THOUSANDS 3F CASUS. it not ouly relieves the child from pain, bnt invlLjratey the stomnch and bowel. correeïs acidity, and jives tone and epergy to the whole system. It will ilsu inatantly riieve Griping 3u the Bowels and Wind Colic. Webelieve it the BEST and SÜREST REMEDY IN TUK WORLD', :n all cases of DYSKNTERY ANP DIARRHOBA IN CHILUüKN, whethcr arlsinj.: from teethinj; or auy other cuso. .Depend upou it moLhers, it will give re8t to yonrselves.a'nd Belief and Health to Your Infanta. Be surc and cali for "Mr 8. Winslow's Soothing Syrnji." Havtnu tlio fac-simile ol "COïiTIS& PiEÏÏM' on the oateide wrapper. , : ■ ■ t sld by Drngguú throuchont the world. "DEAL ESTÁTE FOB SALE. THE VOLNEY CHAPÍN líüMESTEAD, Nenr the nortb east corner ofthe CourtHonPO pejnare. Thia pjoperty will be sold nt .easomiblo luiers, in lots suitub'e for aresidence, or for bniiüess púrpOMS . Alacióte 0.11 Milier.Avonuceaft of Touia'yreeuhouso'ïAlsoa . . .. Farra óf 160 As, WeH v.'íícretl tnul fenced', vith good orchard ar.d fair buUdioflS. withlaanUle ofthe Coni't Housoin Bt.Jpfius, Michigan, andseveral hundred aerrs of pfiie and oak tiuibored Iands in Saginaw County, lalehigan, . ïnquire of B. W. CHKKVER.or 141Tm(5 C. A. CHAP1X. XU& AEE NOW Eeceiving a largo stock of BLEACHED & BKOWJJ SHEETINGS l 2 CASES OF KEW SPRIAti PRINTS TVhich we offer at the Lowest Cash. lárices v! C. H. MI1LEN & SON'S 14H CaahDry Goods Stor. OAIID 01' THANKS. ■ ' T dofdreto expres my th.mka to' oH fHendi nnd patraña (nomeol tfiem of nwny yeara standing) f tof their patronage, ami hope Coi ;i oontinuanoe ol it witu the new thiu nndei the cash syetem of iloiag businea.. we eau and wfll make it u object for thatrtf todosu: LMDUfc.


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