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Keep Your Month Shut

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Keop mouth shut in cold iceather The nostrils are the proper inlets anc outlots of the breath. Hhey aro purpose ly circuitoua. Tho air thus has its chil taken oiT bcfore reaching the lungs whilo, on its roturn, it restores again the warnith it has abstracted. On the contrary, the air taken in tbrough the ïuouth strikes, perhapa at a temperature o: . direoily on the most delicate of the STgans, rausing, oftcn, hoar&eness oough, bronchitis, or pulmonary oonHumptioa. Morcovsr, the nostrils are natural inKaiiiig tubes, botter than tho best sold in the shops. When the breathiiig is douo thror.sch thora, tho sligiit resistanee to oxpiralion - and it is this reaislanee which leads most peoplo to form tho habit oi breathiug through their mouth - cause3 the hmgs to fill to the f uil, thua oailing every part of thom into neoessary action, more completely oxygeuating the blood, nd groatly diniijiishing any consumptive tendency. In this latter view it is important to breathe through the nostriie in ■warm weather ns woll as in oold, and aiso to accustom ono'a self to sleep with the mouth closod. Keep tho mouth phnt trien infectious distases are ren Air breathed through the month ia borne into the windpipe with 9 streng rnsh, oarrying slong the morbid partióles with whioh the air may be charged, direotly to the langs, the thin membrane of whioh interposos but little hindranoe to the action of tho contagious matter. When the air is breathed thAugh the nostrils, these partióles are likely to be lodged on their moist walls, and to be soon washed out by tho natural secretion. It is well to heed this rle when breathing the air in any Bick rSom - even oonHumption may prove ini'ectious to one long shut np with ït in badly vontilated room - but it is of' prime importance in cases of typhoid i'oTer, scarlet fever, diphtheria, sruaü-pox, and other diseasi s Bimilarly iufeotions. Of oourse, there oan be no substituto. f or thorough ventilation - even the best disinfectants are of littlo ■worth without it - still, it is often neeessary to enter rooms over whose arrangoni'-Lnts wo have no control. Keep yonr month shut ïohen the air is jilkd wi'h diisi of any kind. Dust habitnally inhalad may prove in time as fatal as miasma, or small-pox effluvium. As with the partióles oí morbid matter, 80 it is with dust partióles, inspiration through tho mouth carries them direotly into the luugs, initating their delieato msnibranes, while inepiration through iho nostrils lodgfls most of them alortg the ■nafal passages, whence they are easily, ■lodged. Mistresses considérate of the wolfiire of their servante, will duly onlitjhton them on this point. But our rule is as good roorally as physically; for sometimes worse matter mes from the rnouth than ever enters We say, then, though it has been said a thousand times, keep yonr mouth shut nrhen you are angry. A smothered fire, ■jver fieroe it uiay be, is soon out. We ceiuDot forbear adding, now -we are in the mood for it, keep your niouth ahut vrhen you havo nothing worth paying. If you have nothing within tut comnionplaoa, or ncnecnsp, or tattle, or evil thoughtu, better let theui ot insidie than pour thcm out on others. Bosiiias, all bad kopt in by o atrong will, reaots in good.


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