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Grass The Essential Crop

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In a Beotion of the country, where stook must be fed on hay and grain for six months in the yer, it is important to ssoure tbe requisito amount of grasa and other fodder for such demanda. There is little danger of making too liberal provisión in thia respest. It is impossible to anticípate how long and how cold a winter rnay be, nor how much a stock of cat;le will consume. The bettor ciass of farmers are adopting new plana to secure a jreater snd longor continued erop of jrasa. Tho beet tnetliod seems to ba to )ut soil into good heart, by a judicions lystern of cultivation, and after seeding, Leep up Ihe strength of the soil by reeated top dressiugs either of fine manure, phosphate, or guano, or well dried uiuck and lime in some form. This is ovidently the most economical arrangement, when the nature of the soii is sufioiently well understood to cnabie the ccupant to apply the necded fertiüzing lcment. It eaves labor both of man and acast, and rotlirns an imiaediata paying ïarvost botter than vogetablea or grain. 3ut there are other considerations busides he produeing of graaa. It mast be proer!y curad and housed. To do thïg, the 'armer should be providcd with the ncessary machinery to drive his haying nd secure his erop much ourlier than is sual, and before the rain of Auguet )lackens it and drenches out ita vitality. t is no longr-r a question whether grass iould be cut early, when in the blossom r even before thafc stage, or when tne talk ig dry and the seed fully matured if ot ripened. Having produced a heavy rowth and been fortunato in seouring it, at care and prudence be exeroised in feeding it out to tho stock, and especialy in drawing it to the inarket. Tons ïay be saved by early cutting, properly uring and judicioui feeding. Cutting, ïcuring-, mixing wiih meal are processes U -worthy oí consideration. But whatver plan is adopted, lat there be no waste. Taking even tho hints given here nd aoting acoordingly, farmers may save largo per cent. of hay, that is now


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