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Where The Sun Never Sets

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A scene witnessed by gome travelers in tho uorth of Norway, from a cliff 1,000 feet uboTe the sea, is thua described : The oooan stretohed away in silent vastncsa at our feut ; tho sound of waves scnrcoly rexched our airy lookout ; away in the noith tho hngo oíd san swung lo-.v along tho horizon, liko the slow beat of the pondulmn in the tall olook of our grandmother'a jiarlor corner. We all Btood silent looking at our watchen. When botb. hands came togethor at twelve midnight, the full round orb hung triuniphantly above the waves, a bridgo of goid running duo north apanning tho wate rbetweenus and him. There he shone in silent uiujcsty, whichknew no setting. We involuntarily took off our hats ; no word was said. Combine, if you can, the most brilliant sunrise and sunset you ever saw, and the beautiee will fado before the gorgeous coloring which now lit up ocean, heavon and uoountain. In half an hour tho sim had Bwung up perceptibly on his beat,' tho colora changed to those of raorning, a fresh breeze rippled over tho flood, ono songstor aftcr another pipod up in the grovo behind us - we had slid by another day. A elergyman who sent a notice to be read by tho preacher who exchanged with him, noglcoted to denoto carefully a private postscript, and the congregation were aetounded to hear tho stranger wind up by saying : " You will pleass como to dino with mo at tho porsonage."


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