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By an immon?o pr&ctii j throngh a klofyears, havlng wiihtn tlmt time i man y thonwinü ca . ?.$ peculiar to worann, I have l to perfect a most i 'etPtheindlof (lie taces with positive ite Hiis natural gpecific compomid, I have named it Dr. Pierco's Favorito Prescription. Thestcnn.nowever, Isimt a fcolile ereionof my iuo upon a ; " .„■ re:it to tlio . i ;n: led it ont na tffü-? cilmujt or urowiiiltff si'etn ofiny módica pareer On ■ iapo?ittre, eafe, and effcctua] reinedy for Üji ■ and one thatwiil &ti ■ %l ;■ ■■ rallcirtam■ :ii the laws m, I aia willlDg to Btnke my reputa tin n a ; -, ■ Nay, eren . ■ i ■ ■ ■ . i i valid ta lor ■ i and Bell it under A 84)iSTHVK CÜJAEAri'rKS.-;. If a beneficia] effect is not experlenced by the time two-thirda of thü contenta of the bottle are d I wili. cü retnrn of thö bottle, two-thirda of the . i 'corfliaij to direcbeing ooo forwhicö I recümt. promptly reftind tlio moTiey pa4d for it. Hq'1 I not the most pTÍcet confutenco iu Us virtnee, T could not oü'er it as I do nnder these conditions; hut havlng witneesert it iruly miraculons enre-s in thousantts of c:lc. fi ïeel war raisicd aud perfectïy afo in rlftking ííítn iny ropïitalïon and my moucy The following uro r-ir.rif1: those dipeases in svliica my Favonio I'roKCriplion has worked rures - at? iiby ina-.ric and with acertainty beíni-e att&iüod by stiy medicine: Leu corrlirca, Exccsivc Flowing, ruinful Monthly Feriods, [■ is v ben irom nnnatural causes, k, Prolapsus, or ftilling of the Uterus, AiiU'ver.ion aud Retroversion, iïearintf Down ikwi-jioni!', Intí-rnül Heat, Ncr'Of]!i Depressn, Debility, Despondency Tnrï:itiuod Miscarriage, í'hronic Congestión, InflammaMon Ulceration of iiie Vterns, Impo1ciiL-y( Barrenuess, orSterility, Fomalt! Weakuen, and very many othor clxroulc diseasea incident to woman not DEUBütionttd Iiuro, in wliich, aa well a in the cases r.iuch I have mentioned, ny Favorite Prescription works cares - ttoo mar vc5 oif fSjo worlöi Thi medicine I do not extol as a cure-all, btit it admirablv Aiiñlis a singleiios ï piirpofio, beioga niut perin al! hroulc f the sexual System of womaa. It will not diaiipoint, nor wül n do harm in any state or condiEion. It wili bo found Invalaabla In d'serses incident to pregnancy, niiil ciiri ba taken in moderate dosee with perfeel safety white i'i that state, Indeed, it is a iTIi?Uei-'M Cnr3ïisl, and ko propaves the tyatem for parturUion thaiit renden child-Labor sa f. { bRve re ivel the hoartfelt pralse from hundreds of inívwn íur the 'uestim&ole henenis thaa confoired. I offer my Favorite Prescrtption to the Ladics of Ajaerlca with the Btnrei itv of &n honest beart, und for their best welfare. Those who delire further Information on these subjects eau ohtain it In my Tsbatisk on Chboxtc Disbasies or rna Gensrattvj a:;ti Uiknakt Üïïgans, Fent secure from obsurviktiou ujou receipt of two postado etamps. It treats mmuÍGiy on tJbose dtseases peculiar to Peínales, aud givos mucli valuable advice in regard to thoir management. flik ÏEÏftOSJïS' FAVOBITE PBE. f:aL3PT]ON IS OÏ.Ö BV Alil FIBWT C'liAéSlH%JG&lSX9 at $1.50 per bottle. Mauufactured at tbe Chemical Laboratory of _ Jt. V. FIERCE, M. n,t lropr - . J -BUPPALO, N! Xl No Pergon can fakn tUcso Bitters accordíng to direction?. and remain long unwell, provided tlieir bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or other rneaus, and vital orgaus wastcd beyond tbe poiut of repair. Kyspcpgf a or Indigestión, ITeadaehe, Pain Ín tlie Bnoulders, Cougliê, Tlghtneas o( the Chest, IHzziness, Sour Ernctations of tlie Stomach liad Tasto in tile Moutli. BiliouB Attacks, Palpitation of tlie Heart, Inilamination of the Lungs, Paln Jn tlie región of the Klilneys, anda hrindred other painful eymptoms, are the ll-springs oí Dyspepsia. One bottle will prove a botter pnarantee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement. For FeninSe i'oiïïpïaiiïtfl in yonnr or oíd, married or sinprle, at the riawn of womanhood, or tlie tnrn of life, these Tonlc Bitters display bo decided an lnUuence tliat ímprovement ia soon perceptible. For Inílnmmatory nntl Chronfc Rhcn matlsm and Gout, Bilioua, Itemittent and Internilttent Fevers, Diseases of tlie Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have no canal. Snch Diseases are caused by Vitlated Blooil. They are a ciitle Purjrntlvc as wcll as a Tonlc, possessing the raerit of aeting as a powerful agent ia relieviiifr Congestión or Inflamraation of the Liver and Visceral Orgaus, and In liilions Diseases. l'or Skin Dlsenees, Emptlons, Tetter, Sa!N Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils Carbunclos, Ring-worms, Scald-Heail, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Uiscolorations of the Skin, Ilumors and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are llterally !ug up and carried ont of the Bystem iu a Bhort time by the use of theso Bitters. Girateful Tlionsands proelaim VrNBOiB I5rTTehs the most wonderful Invigorant that ever BUBtained the sinking system. ' K. H. ÏTIcDOJVAIiD & CO. Draggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal., A oor. of Washington and Cliarlton Sta., N.Y. fiOLD BY ALL DRUGOISrs 1, DEALEKS boökIT BOOKS.] J. R. WEBSTER & CO. NEW BOOK 8T0RE NEAR THE EXPRESS OFriCE." LOOK TO YOUR IJÍTEUEST AND CALL. - [l j B. GIDLEY, Sncceesor to COLGKOVE & SON. - DRUGGIST Al C11ST IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HURÓN STEEET, DEALER IN DRUGS, ÏIECIfSlïES, SEÍUilíAI, HSTRVÜIEST8, FUttE WISES ASD LIQIORS, tFOE MEDICAL PÜRPOSES ONI.T.) Fancy Gooös, Perinmery, PAI1VTS, OILS, VAK.VISIIES, GI.ASS ANI PtTTY, PflYSICIAM' PBESGBIPTIOATS Carofally coraponnded at all honrs. I PB0P03E NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANT FIRTÍ IU THE CITY WHO FURNISH AS GOOD AW ARTICLE. A GENTS WANTED POIt BOOHS NEEDED BY ALL FARMERS! The beat boot pabtiabed on the Horse and the ; Cow. Liberal term!, money maderapUUy by Agenta i peiling tliesc bookB. Stnd ftrr cirrn lor VOHTER & COATES, Fubli6heeb. Phlladclphla, Pa


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