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, SIN-O oL the BZiOOD THE MOST TironOTTQtT rrmiFTBR off Tt[H BLoylï TBT ÜISOOVKRJIP. CDTtES AU-, IXUMORS, FROM A COMMON EEUPTIüN TO THE WORST SCROPULA. . Hy lts se Cancera aro cnrod, and Cancerous tumors flre dtypersed without the sisrgeon'l knil'e - Scrofula conquered, and Consuinptioii prevented and curcd. Vcnercal EHseagca, Mercurial and Mineral Poisons, and their effects eradicated, and vigoróos heíilth and a pomid constitution patabÜKhed. Feniale Woaikticss and IHKeas Bropfíj, generiil or partial; SwelliDs. esternal or interual; and Tumors are reduced and disperaod in a very Bhort time., Ralt lihentn, Scald üed, and Pever SoreH aro fioon removed by thja powerful ilaturgeul medicine. Scortmtfc IStxoascs, D.andrnir, Se.uiyor Rough Skin , and I'imples quickly givu way, laaviiig the skin srnooth and fair. CUronic Mineases, Firvor and Agne, IMsordered Livor, Dyapepsia, Kheumatisra, Kervous Aifections, General Denility, in ehort, all the nameroafl discases caueed by bad blood are conquerid, and gire way before thia inost poworfal corrector, the Kiog of the Blood. Kacli bottle containa betwoen forty and flfty Ordinary doaee, costiog only one dollar. From oric to fonr or fivo bottlos will Cure Salt Khenm, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Pimples on the Face, Cilcs, ordinary Eruptions, etc. Front two to eisht bottles will cnre Scaly Eruptiona of the Skin. Ulcera, Sorea, and Canker In the Mouth and Stomach, Krysijielas, etc. From tv?o to ten bottles will rcBtoro healthy action to the Liver and Spleeu, will regulata the Bowels and Kidneya. From two to lx bottles will be fonnd effoctual in cnring Neuralgia, Sick-Headache, 8t. Vitufl' Dance, and Epifepsy. From flve to ttvelve bottles will euro the worst caaea of Scrofula. Front three to twelve bottles will cnre Bevere aud obstinate caaea of Catarrh. Front two to fonr bottlen will cnro tha worst casea of Pilea, and regúlate Costivo Bowels. From tiro to ten bottles will euro bad cases of Dropsy. Price $1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5. Sold by all Druggiets. D. EANSOM, SON & CO., Propr's, Boffido, Bi. T. Beo tostirnoriials in local coliunn. t yyrivB. vvage IS NÜW REA DY FORJTIIE FALL TRADE Having Iteceivod a Large Stock of FALL Si f IITi QOODS, 1NCLUDING 0LOTH8, OASSIMEKES, VE8TING8, &C. of the BEST STYLES and ÖÜALITIE?, WIIIOH HE W1LI. MNUFACTÜHS on terras to snit; Also a full line of READY-MADE GLOTHING AND Gents' FUBNISHIKG Goods ALSO LADIES' AND GENTS' MOROCCO 8ATCHELS No.21 Sotith Main Street,- East Side: OALL AND SEE THEM. V1IJ.MII 'WAtiN&H.. Ann 4r"'O-, Octobor ist, 1SI2. GK'SWiNEGFUR vk 10 YEARS PüBLEC TtJÏ .,' - Has proved WL ir. Croak's 3bwine CTJB rei m jp! _ ;T Ij ave mre .-t! Jife - ;írit íhan aEiy I e sijsïJJnr prïarsiF JeitfaiHV (ion everolterèd the iuSiic It is rsclj In tlae medicinal qualitiesof Tar, and uneqaalaJ ior aislases oí' tïic Tlarosit and LmigS, performicg the most remark ftble cures. Coughs, i)oïë?, Ctironlc CongSia. It effectnally cures tliem all. Astlima and Broncliitisb Has cured ao many #casea it has been prononneed a specific fot these eomplainte. i'or pains in Breast, Side d Back, Gravel or Kiiïney Disease, Biseases of the Urinary Organs, Jaundice or any Liver Complaint, Tt has noequal. It is also a snperíor Tonic, Restores the Appetite, Strengthens the System, Kestores the Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to Dïgest, Eemoves Dyspepsia anö Indigestión, PreTcntsMalarioiis Fevers, Gives tone to your System. rpHE OHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE CITY ÖP ANN ARBOR! H. GOH EN DEALER IN [Millineryj fec. We Sell for Cash Only. 1413tf 33 SOTJTH MAIN STREET. ü. Rare Chance TO XJET. A largo and modern now Orocery tore in Bnchoz Block.Detro t Street. Undimbtedly the best loca tïon in that part of ihe city lor aatd business. A arood Larga -cellar and new barn attaehed to the premisos. The rent la $800 yearly, to be taken In groceries for my faruiiy use. Also a iine now Meat Market, all completo, join n s my blork, with modern impruvemeuts, marblu tftble &e., larfje new smoko houso. Uree brick cistern and cellar, new barn and all rciiiv ror u ■;'. vith three faimly rooms above. Store rente for S25O yearly ; takin in me:t for my familv Also a small store in my blocfe, housos, rooms &c to let. FOR SALB - Throo good large carriaso or farm iorM , one ttne new carrlaee, bngglea, wagons, I ingtools. Also threcyo'Hl cow. i0W InqnireofL. R. BL'CIÏOZ.


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