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Vith fect (lint folter as I go, Tlien sluwer Btep atl ''t moro SloU ÏTp the steep stuir I f lamber; Jusl as tli!' day dies clown in the west And the ni.ïlit. is bom u somber gucst, I near tho haunted chambón J stand boforc theilcnt door Wfaeis lova lias eriell " Como in ! boforo To lift tho latoh my hand advances; I look ; I almost hope to si e The face I loved look out to uw. With all its h.ippy old-timo planeos. Thcre mi the dum1 thüt Bnoe BWung frcé Ettch goldep bour to welom me Same i biingingi In dusty shreds thaf Soat and i'all Lik sui-nm's daoud and soffin pull The cobwebs old are ölingiilg, Itum me once more iofltn the stairs; l M-ill not, caunot enter 1'ieve ■: The dusty, floating cobweba chide mè J Their curtain drawn befóte the door That ehecked my entrence as before, The BhodowS) sliUness, all dcride me. By blinded eyös my feet are elrayed, Bly heart is ouoe mare unai'taid. My tears the shadows Itanish. The cobwibs galhcr on my heart By sorrow'rf rain are swet ajjart, Jly i'oolish fcars will vanish. I open wide thB long slutt dooi, I step across the echoiuff tloor, And swinging back tho shutter( The mellow summcr moOÚ looks in As if my lonely heart to win From thought I cannot utter. " Dear heart ! " I mnnmir then with tcars In all the busy coming years This room shall be my ehnsen altar; For evermore its doora shall bo Left open wide to welcome me When up the stairs my feet shall Ealter.1'


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