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San Salvador Destroyed By Aa Earthquake

San Salvador Destroyed By Aa Earthquake image
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Aspixwai.Ií, April 5, via Havana, April, 10. - The city of San Salvador, Central America, has boen destroyed by au earthquake. Eight hundrud persons perished, and $12,000 000 worth of property destroyed. Tho earthquake was followed by a conllagratiou aad ïnany buildings burned. For a few days elight slioclcs of carthquakes had ocourred, but no serious apprehensions were entertained. It was on Ihe afternoon of the 4th of' Mareh, about half-past tour, al most without warning, a great part of the city was reduced to rmns. Thu ground heaved like a ship in a gale, terriü'; thundeiings buist from under foot, walls wcro rent in tnany I with wide crevices, roofs, tanks, and tiles were precipitated to th grouud, lamps, pitchurs, basins, utc, were overturned and broken. Tbree violent shocks followed in saccession and the servants cominenced to seream piteoualy and cjuld not be jacified ; wild birds flow to houaes, horses grew frantic in stables, and dogs howling 6lunk for protoctiou. Bvery few minutes bhaking of less violence occurred. The sane boggars description. liuined houses, panic stricken people, men, women and children fleeifae to the field with valuablss hastily collectod, then tho ringiii!? oi tho alarm bells and boating of drums, oalling all the soldiers undur arms, for in SaJi Salvador the murder indpülagcacconipanynig the confusión of a great earthquaky, is only cheeked by the bayonets of gover.iment troops. These wero i)osted in Bquadn at bhurt distaaces all over San Salvador.


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