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Doings Of The City Fathers

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The new Conmion Council held its finst mcotiag on Monday evening last, all the m mbers bcins present, aud after a brief talk by Mayor llEiKES prucceded to business, report uL which we condenso aa folloV"s : The following standing eommittees wcrc annouuced by the Mayor. On finalice- Alá. Deubcl, Mclntyre, and Bhodes. On Nfrecfs- AUl. Dow, Wood, Lutz, Roger, Reabolt, and Smith. On SUtmaila- AU. Leiand, Grossmann, McIntyre, Kogers, Khodcs, and Portor. O Lamps- Aid. Porter, Grosamanu, aud Wood. Tetition was rceeivcd from C'hiof-Engineer Buford, of the Fire Department, askiug for the KgMxatkm oí a new Hook aud Ladder Co. Grantcd. Messrs. Leiand, Dow, and Rogcrs were appointed a counnittee to consider a proposition to open a new street tíirough lanils owncd by C. Eberbach. Seven tables and four chairs were ordercd ft the Council room, and Aid. Tortor and Mclntyre appointed a committee to procure Oiem. The bonds of Constables Wosser, Harrer, and ïierce were receited and relerred to the City Attorncy. Tho street colnmittee was authorized to contract with the lowest bidder for cleaning the Btrects inside the fire limits. In executive session Densmore Cramer was elected City Attorney; Jos. C. Watts, City Treasurer ; and several ballots taken lor Marshal; after wiiich the appointment of Marshal and Street Coniniissioncrs was postponed to the next ie i "ar ïneetii g Adjourneil to meet thfi first Monday eVcning in May unless sooner conveneel by ths Mayor. - We are not supposed to knotv anything of the proceedings in executive session, but it lias leaked out that in doding City Attorney, Mr. Cratncr liad 8 votes and J. Q. A. Sessions 6; that there were several ballota for Treasurer, and more than several caadidates on the start, Watts iinally being clected by " to (I for Dor Kellogg, and one not votmg ; that several candidates were enterod ior Marshal, the contest Iinally being narrowed down to Marshal Lesuer and nigUt-watchman Stiling, each having 7 Totea, and both candidates being Rupublicaus. - In thia connejüon We may be permitted to doubt the proprio.ty- if not the riglit- of the Council going into executive or secret session for the trausaction of business ; and there is certainly no reason why the election of oflicers should not be held openly. We are indebted to Chancellor WincheLl for & handsoinely printed 80 page pamphlet, contaiuing the scveral addresses deliverod on tho occasion of his iuauguration, Feli. 13, 1873. We have read tliem all with interest. ïhat of Chancellor W. gives cvidcncc thut he has entered upon his work with brood and libcml ideas of what a University should bc, and we hope that under his charge Syracuse University may realize the lilxjral ideal he pictures. The Commercial Arfvertiser is out this week in adviuice of its date despite the fire, but only a half sheet. It announees the distribution of premiums to its subscribers iiecessarily postponed to the (ïih inst-, anl the week after the drawing the Voiamcrcial will appear in a new dress and full size, andcontain a full list of the fortúnate subsenbera to whoni premiums shall 1)C awardod. The FHnt Globe, of April 3(1, gives a very iavoruble showing for one week's work of the Dabcocks usell in the I'liut Fire Department. The dry kiln of Beardsluy, Mills & Co., on Kearfley street, ni savod by u. Babcock on Monday evening, tlie 20th uit., and at anotlier íire on Friday, a dweiling house caught fire, es used by the 'xpl(jMin of a kerosene lamp, hut was boon ex'inguishcd by aid oí the Hook and I.arlder Cmpuiy's Bal;o(.k Eitiiiguisherb. Detroit Trib.


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