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KuunaAS Ckstral Yard, Monday, April 14. The roceipts at these yards írom the various points iu the State ior the -week, and also fot the weeks previous, were as follows : Hcad. Cató. U uos -ín Bheep ' 51 Through cattle shipped East, 1,738 head, agairot 1,416 of the previews week ; ho-js received, 2,400, of which one-third were retained here ior psekers and the balance shipped Ea8t ; shecp, 320 head. CATTL1Í. T)ie offeriiiRs wtvo the iewest on tho market this season, and liad it not. been for this íact a decline of 2ñ or 30 cents raust have resulted. There were buyers enough to take up tlie lots offered, either by head or bulk. The yards were all ocoupied yeaterday moruing with stock in the process of ihipment which liad been bousht previously. The eondition of the roads rendored droviug preoarioas wolk. The present sliipments Die base.l on a hoye of meetiii!; a fair market in the East in conaequence. Wtn it not ior this it is probable that the market would have been the dullest for weeks. The quality averased good, and shows good wintcring. The yards were, however, horrible for prime cattle to be stocked in. Mud and mire seemcd to have no bottom and a scmi-liquidity that threatened to submerge the occupants. In Buiïalo the same conditioii of tíie yards is reportad, all agreeing that no uch time has been seen íor a score of yeara. We quote : Chuicetocxtva, nvcmginR 1,000 to 1,200 ■ lb?.,in good fiosh und build $ ''& - üummou to chotee, averaging 1,000 to , 1 2UÜ it.s , in medium ilcsh uud build.. . 4 2S@i "" Lijtht catüc tur beden 3 sul4 111183. The vast quantity of this artielo that has beeti poured on the markets in the East lias finally opera! cd in bringinj? about a decline. Though the nearer Western States were about exhausted, it seeras that in remoter States faïmers had hekl to a good quality until rcniuuerative prices should mako it au inducement to sell. This caused an immediote speculation among shippors, which has or will result detrimentally to them. But two lots in pens, of good quality, which brought a figure a little below last week's quotations. The present decline will stop the poor class of olïerings ot late thrown upon the market. Like most any class of speculative operations the market becomes choked by the sire of evcry person cngaged to rush in and rcu.1ize largo pruflts. We quote : Lota nverasinp 150 to 200 Iba. llice shiipe and (rood tor store $5 00@5 25 Ixits nveragiou 100 to 150 lbs. suiuble for paaters,. H 25@4 50 SHEEP. A food qnality of unsheared sheep was in the pens and held at au advauced rate, which was tealized in the sales. The average is better than in tho fore part of the season, some lots appearing as though the high iirioe of forage had compelled their owuers to sell them. The present advauce will iii a mcasure compénsate the seller on the farm and créate a better feeling. Anothcr causo, in bringing about tlie present advance is probably in tho impassable roads of the past wrok. No lots coming in on the ronda, thnl slmtliiiii olï all local tradc. Operators shoukl licar this in mind, and not veuture too mucli at next market. AVe quote : í,otB nveraüin ■ S to 90 lhs, ohoice fr.ides nnd in exce leut coiïcïüion $6 50@6 60 Lots averaiir M to 9U lbs, medium giadet. and nZti 6 CCrg,5 75


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