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3HC1IIUAN CENTRAL BAILKOAD. WINTEB TIME TABLE. Passengertrainsnow leave the sevcnil itationa,iia foüoiri: t ftOIHO WE81 . iui AÍ -■ a t IS I -? i " a o 3 ■ 5J g o jo ) _w_ __w_ _&_ Ia. M. A. M.jl'. M.!P. M. I'. M.P. M. Detroit, leuve, 7 15' 9 40! 4 ooi 5 45 1 la, M ïpsilBiiti, : 8 M 10 471 5 B8 7 11 2 5511 7 Anu Albor, I U 10 U 05 6 021 7 ib 3 15 11 2S Ucxter, 9 6 30i S 10 3 40 CheiiMw, M j 8 30' S 55, 10 25 1 9 00, 4 23 A. M. jackaon, 11 00 12 20 9 35! 5 00 12 40 v. m. Ir. K. a. K. Knlnmuroo, ! M 2 53; 12 SS 8 00 - Ohicafo nrrive, S Ij, S I; _ 0 30. 8 00 OO1NO F.A8T_ , ■ j . Ijijf üi l r. m. p. m.. a. m. a. m. l'hiongo.lenve, 5 15,9 00 I 6 50: 9 00 A.M. A. M.I P.M. Kulamnzoo, 1 0 6 00 11 30 2 05 ,A. K. '■ -■ Jnckson. Il 40 4 45, I 03 1 55 4 20 nhBtaen ! a. M.! s 57 3 55 DeiVr 6 25 D 15 4 10 Ann AvV.or, 1 58 6 00 f, M t 4 40 5 54 Ywilnti, . i 2 22! C 20 7 20 10 10 5 04 5 4 Dutruit, rrivo, : 3 l 7 18 8 45 11 30 0 25_6_45 The Atlnntir and Tacitla Express run betweou Jackson iiurt Siles on the Air Lluo. Dstwlaa. 13.1873 DETROIT, HILLSDAUS & INDIA N .V, AND iJETItOlX, Ei;u KlVKft AND ILLINOIS Railieoads. OOISU WIST. -1873- GOWO KAST. STATIONS. Mail. ACC. STATIOH6. JtlÜl. ACC. A. BC I'. M. A. M. nefrnit, clep... 7:15 4:00 Loprnnsport 7:-Ir, Tiwilantl 8:00 6:00 Donver !:00 M'mehostr....l":"7 7:45 ColumbiuCity. 10:40 lÜlUdnlo 11:15 1":34 p M A M Banken 12:00 10:50 r' ' "■ Banken ï:27 4:so ■ IlilU.ii.lo .... ?:89 5:10 ('oliiml)ia City, 3:45 Manclieter.... 4:25 8:56 Denver fcl TpsHanti M fcin Lugnnaport 6:88 .... I Detroit.... .fc4U:80 Train run liy Chicago time. All traius run daily iSinf'nys exoepted?. Ïü-W h.luce Wieeping eoachos are run on niifht exlm... train. H c (.OOIH,LT,i gup,t. Robkrt itn-ttE, Gen'! Ticket Agent. A Chance tor Bárgains ! Kor salo nt a sreat bnrBain, ICO ACRES OF CHOICE LAN'LI. lyinír 2S milna from tha City of toiim. 100 arres nlMi'er improvemcnt, with pood irehard, bnrn und atoll, uní a comfnrtnble house. Titim 01 payinrnt- from $2,0UÜ to $2,500 dowu ; buiuuce ou louL time. Also9" AfUES. abaut 2 M mile from Auïuntn, Knlnm:i2On Oounty, 11 mproved, with good buüd1B08. Tortuíi- cxtremely low. Also 40 ACRES about eigbt miles from Hasting. Also 81 AritES on section a in the town of I ton, SliiiWiissr' Coiinty, about 12 miles from Coruimu. I Well timbered. For terms nddresa the undeiBÍgniHl. E. B. POND. Ann Arbor, April 2, 1873. OECOND AJNNÜA L, OSSTRÍIÜTION. 75T3O Preirmms, Ranging in valué irora #10 TO $5,000 GIVEN AWAY! TO THE WJBSCBIBBBa OF 00B FIRESIDE FRIEND ETery Subscriber is sure of one premium auy w:y. andalsohau m qaal chance of recolvmff 0 ARH l'rcmium, or a PIANO. OKCiAN, WAXUU, bb - IQ MACHINE, lea., &c. FIRST GRAND CASH PREMIUM OUR FIUESIDE FIUEXU -r.wiT. r ,,.. Sizo Ulu-tmtod tb Family Weekly.tom it THIHD ' VOLUMKudhattainedthe LARGE8T CEROTJLAT1ON of any paper published in tne West. lis BUCOeOêENABLBStiie proprietois to immsh TUK BEST MO8T DKHIRABLK AND MOST USEFÜL OUIOINAL BBADIHÖ MATTKK IN CfREAT VAHIETY that iiioul-v can buy, and to makt' it a HOME WKliKI'A' u"ited to the want of ovory faanily. aubscriptiou pnce, $3 per ycar of öi numberti Th.3 Elosant Gïx-roua.o Size 'fix'0 indios. U colnrs. AcknowlodKed by all to botl.e HAND8OV1K8T and IÜST VALUABLE premium picture in Ameriob. BvBBT 8UBsi'ülliKIt is pnwentod itli tlua Chromout tho timu „r snhaeribing. fno waitiog). and ntoo " NI -MUKItKl) CKKTtFICATE ENTITLING TUh HOLDEH TO A 8HABE in the distribution of Í25.0 o in ciub and other premium. THK DISTRIBUTION TAKE8 PT.ACR on tlie socond 'l'uesday in June next. 'J'he Chrouiaand ''ertilientes sent on rwipt of pnce. IjPECIMEN l'OrlKS PREMIUM LIST, ie., OIV1NG KUI.L PARTICTTLAK8 sent trem uuy artdress. ( O Vünö Kither local or Cíinvussintf in AvJTlJi JL C evcry lown. I,are cauli Tl All X -Cilr fit. Kund at onco for terms. Ad&MU OCB FIHEMDE FltlEXH, 14;nit Ckicayo,lU. TJE8Ï TBDÖ IN THE WEST. Atchison, Topeka & Santé Fe R. It. THREK MILLIOiV ACRKS Ëituated in und ncar the AdoamMfl Vulley, tho l'intjBt l'oition oL Kftfimtii ! Eleven yeare' Credit. Heven por CVnt. Interest 223 per cent. roduL'lion to settlers who improvo. UU PASS TO LAXD BLTOS, TIC E F ACXS aboutthisljrantare- T,ov Trice, Long Credit, nnd a (tenate t.o wUlwrs of nearly ouefourth: u KtchSoil, and SplendMCUmate Kiiort nnd mild WmtiTs; eurijr pUnting, and no winlnring at Stock ; plenty "f Hainfall, iind juat ut tin' right fson ; '■ il, Stnne and Briek on th line ; Cheiip linies on l.umber, Conl, &e. BO l;nda owned ty Speculnlors ; lioiiiesteatl nud Pre-emptiona now abonnant ; u livst-olaa liiiilroiid n the line of a gieat Throujrh Routp ; Products will pay for Lund aud Improvtments. lt ia til bcMtopp irtunitj; ever offurfd t" tho public, through the recent oompletion of Wie Kond. i'or Cireulan aod Ueueral Inf'nmation, AddrMS A. E. TOUZALIIVr, Manager Land Dfp't. Or, Toi'KKA, Kanwah. K. Iï. POND, Ann Audor.Mich. 1410mo3 L.C.RiSDON'S ' ADVERTISEMENT. i ; Now in the time to buy PARLUR & U6AT1NG STOYES. I iU sell thera ut OOST uatil furthor notice. ! Ufo. 31 S. Main St, Ann Arbor. TAMKS McMAHON, Justice of the Pcace, Office in ne w block, North of Court House Money collected and promptly paid over. INSTJrtANCK A-CÏEISTT. Trhimuti, nspt, $727.903. 1) Norm Missouri, " NM1W1 Hibcrnia, " 350,000.00 RrCAti ÈaTATK. I havo 81 acris 'tf lünrt 'Í of a niilo from the city iiuit, ttnely locatod for fruit or garden purpoees. Also 40 ncres.Alo 10 acre?, with h me and barn.and a livel stream of water runinuij through the barn yard. 60 acres, a mil e out. 1 will 81! any or all the abovecheap. or exchaofie foi eltj prdporty. 1..T4 JAMLSMtMAUON.


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