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IMJ! Jfl JLJWhra ftrst L. COLBY hung hia aign Of C. O. D.- AtNo.S. And ofl'eml Groceries cheap for cash, Soms peopla said, " he's bound to go to smash.' And old-tinie Grocera would faintly smilt1, Prophesying "C. O. D. will bist but little while. íu HXty dnya we'll run him oiF the track. And cali our wundering custoiner back.' The eroakers aairt and thought it true, "He'll Hurely tail bofore the year is Now t You can't sell Groceries in this town And get your pay m greenbaoks down ; Where dry goodfj nunchauts on evcry street With Milkh and autin, hang out chiekens to out ; AVhere tr;ulc is mixed in every place, At the nme ooanter jou bny butter orlaco ; Whiirt) oredit and kwa 90 ofld in hand Mr. C 0. 1). but a slim chance wiU ütand." Tj;t prophets and nronk.-rs have thoir sny, L. OOLBYlls OHOiJ KH f KS oaly lor 1ÍEADY TAY; And sella mo eheap tor daily caah Ile fears mo danser uf a smiisli. And to hia ptttroni ül, and buninoss friends, The greeting of the aeaaoo ba extenda, To youns umi old, ti ylad New ynr, With bosta of friends and lotfa of chocr I (five him a cali, and from his store Your tablöa êptwÜ with good thina more. At thtit place yon will always find Fresh new Grocorios ol bost qunllty andkind l''verythin[T noedful for good ehet-r at homu You eau buy at hia counter whenever you euiue. The dayw are mo hort tfaifl bitter coll winter, Tomaotion details would weary the printer. But ask if yon choose for anythíng oatable, You get it at once, in quality atablo [ For luinsrry men who are wenry and cold, lie has Unten hot, Oystpra that muflt besold - Oysten iickled, Oystor atew, and oyster fry, ()r Oysters any otlifr way you chooae to try. He will aorve np Oysters at iny hour of dar, And the best of cigarB to smoke ou your wuy. A diíh of hot Oyaten wiU do you much good. Aud choer you whilo selling your grain or wood, And with eash in hand lay in a store Of Coifee, Tea, Sugar, Flour andmany more, Of all thinga nibatantlal for daily use, Nor treat life's good things with abuse ; Croekevy and Girissware and Fruits to put in them, NutB, Uiiisins, and Candy, for obildreu who win them And ye who are blessed with their beautiful faces. WÜ1 flnd [20] the best of all piucos, To bny a trille, to bring a smile or ringing laugh, Your plöiisure, than tlieiis. will bt! gieater by halí- Then do not target to cali on Mr. C. O. I).. And buy of him your Fruits, tíugar, and Tea. Though the big q a may fall from lts place, The C O. D. .7 store is still on the raco. And does not intend to fly from the course Till croakers of evil talk theinselvt nhoarse. Groceries can bo sold for ready ]ay. And has lonrned tho way : Sold five times more than he expected- By O. O. I). from loss prütectad. And the secret he is not afraid to teil - Keep the best of all things- with prices low- bo ffoo natured, give yood measuru, And you ure bound to sell I 29! 29! 29! JQESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE ron - i S -A. Xj IE I The .subscriber, on account of U healtb, off.rj hia I 33 ACRES In the corporutïon for sïiloi This ground adjoinn Ihe TJnlvereít) Obwrtoxory oh the eaat, oppusite sidu oí tlití stieet. It hus u moüt excellent SPRING ! Un the northcast córner- íormerly snpplied tho Rail ruad tauks witli water. ITS ADVANTAGES Are as follüws : Tor city purposcs tho Hurón Eiver mennder lliu Siimu sume 30 to 40 rods, and is part oí the bust "Water Power On the River in this vicinity, nud the elevation on the northeast corucr is su ilición tf y hifrh and ampio to sup ply tho city necesaities foi wutur uud tiro purpoatf THE WESTEKN PORTION On tlie röad is very appropriate and suüiible fdr n Public! City C'L'inctery. The city ba no Bucfa g round s now but must have soon, and whatever gioundu the city Hom nor eare to use, cjui bc sold at an advantttge o much SOjthat the cost oí" tnt; vt.tor Works Kioundt ;wk1 ( cmetery, wotild be uierely nominal. If tlie cit does not want the sume, Uiü grounda would ho iuvaluable for FRU1TS, LARGE & SMALL, There being some 100 trces now ia boaving Vegetables and Pasturage, Ana olso for MILKsupply.BLOODEDSTOCKj JHorses3 Sheep, And ót.hér ïinlmala always in pTeat want by man y in the city and its vicinity. As city lots adioining tht1 northwest corner of thia land are now selling froni threehtindredto three himdred and fifty dollars, tlipse lands won ld or could be sold in a short time to a good advantage and to much protit to the purchasera LIBERAL TIIEvIE Will be giTen or the Bame will bo exchanged for MercliMiit.ibie goods or Drugb aud ilediciues, at cael prices. TRACY W. ROOT. AnnArbor, Jan. 31,1873. 14U WHITE PU RE LEAD. LEAD. ƒ % WAKUANXE Q i fiJ RB1OILV r PUREWHITE" ] _ LEAD. I VIEILLE MONTAGNE FHENCH WHITE ZINC Parlor Snow White ZincCRISTAL PALACE WHITE L.EAD. Permanent Green For Blinda, &c. WHITE LEAD ! In Colors for Outside and Inside Tainting, Varnishes, Oils, Colors, Brushes IBOH - CLAD "MINERAL PALT Manufactured from )ure Iron Ore, fnr superior to thoso made of Cloy, ltottnn Btono, Dirt, &c. Our l'ure Brand of WHITE LEAD ivo offer to tho public with the positiY assurftnoe of abtoluie purüy. As niuchof the White Iad tcld ns puw ia mjulteriitcd from 20 to 90 per cent., Conumevs vü consult thcir interest by giving us a cali. II. W. KLLIS & CO., Druffifists, Asn AiiBoit, Micu. Corner opposite Savings Bank. H19m6 TEAIi ESTÁTE FOR SALE. THE VOLNEY CHAPÍN HüMESTEAD, Near the north enst corner of the Court Honie po-unre. This p.mpcrty wlU be sfild at reaauBable pnces, in lte BUltalalu for a resideuce. or for business Also lots ou Milier Avenue cast of Toius' greenhouse Also a Farm of 160 Acres, Well wnterod nnrt fenced, with goocl orthftrd nr.A falrbaiWing, witliin amile of the C'onrt llousein St Johns,Mlchiaan, andseveral hnndn'il ncres ot piiie and oak túubered lauda ia bayiuaw County, Michigan. Indure of B. w. CHOTVEF.or 141Vro t. A. CHAP1K.


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