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Let Drinkers Take Warning

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The Chicago Ltaai Ntwt says that Gco. Drivor, who was hung in that city for inurdering his wifu, whilo upon the scafföld, and a íew minutes bofore he was launched into etornity, said to thoso who had athered to witness tho awful scène ; "Wtill, sheriff, I have not very mueh to say but this : ïhere are a few here that 1 woüld like to make a few rcinurks to before I go, and that is thia : I hopo that you all seo where I am standing now ; and I hope that you all know fchat I am omg to a place that noithor you or me knows of yet. But theu, stil], I hope that you all understand and know tho reason that caueed me to como herc, and that was liquor - drinking whisky- that has brcught me rigltt here whero I airi standing. Now,.don't you seo that rope beforoyou ? [Ucro the condemned man soized tho noose and shook it beforo the crowd.] Just remember tiiat rope if you go into a saloon and get tight. Seo what that liquor will bring you to, as it bat brought ruo to now. Eemember that iiow. U-i ve up drinking whisky and look out for yourselves. Bc good to your wivra and takt this warning by mo. I had as good a wifo aa anybody around liore, but still it was the liquor that wat tho cause of my doing that. I didn't know what I was dbing at the time it happened, and I didn't know anytbing about it until tho constablo arrestcd me ana took mo away. Ilo'said, ' George you have sliot your wife ;' and that was the first I knew of it. I had the pistol in my hand. I took it out of my right hand and put it in my left hand ; and ■when I took it thero it went off. Whethep it shot her or not I couldn't teil. Tïien-I went out and went a good ways up tho street, and I thought to myself, 1 Perhapa I havo shot tho peor thiug, and she will fall over on the stovo or a chair,'. and I went boU as quiek as I cauld.' 1 weut into the house, and thero Btood two or three wonien and ono or two men in the houso. I stood tliere until the oonatablé carne and took mo away. He took mn out into the street ; then he Biiys : ' George, you havo shot your wife.' t hen I caine to my seuaes I began to recolleot little about it. It was eaused by (ho hquor- this poisonous liquor whieh oaused all of it. I hopo you will ■11 take t!,is adrice í'rom me : GHw up krimklng liquor. Give itp ol dr Üjuorê. You seo whero I am standing ao-w. Within a few moments I wiil ba Where néitiier yon nor me knows yet Hut I Eope God is wjth uu', and I hi p God will take uiy fuuï."


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