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Experiments With Strawberries In 1872

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A correspondent , ,iih Bend( Ind., ' i:x'uiu,s hia i planting Btrawberritíjs, which is in Ijour feet apart by BÍxteen in row, keeping tho runners cut ünti) AuUt, aud mulcii ié Spring ot' í;í72 the íDülch was emvimly rulled trssh i,. tweon the iows. Nothing moro was only to pu .v weods til] th ríes were ready to pick. Ami now for tb bfcrries. lied Ko. 1 v a with Peak's Eiuperor, No. Ü witli ti turist. These two sorts provtd to Dear al-.ko that it. was oí no use thom aeparately oi try to m ikt y uistinctioa botwcc,] tbetn. productivo, tli. , la.uiy ('; t hum of ii'i'cguLiv .liiiiH', durk red, ii.ivor, but rathor too soft i brnised for a gopd hiarket barry. Noli, Jucunda,; was thó bost in lia' luí TUü uniíarnily larga aud it Bcarlet color, glossy snrfaco, íirni and solid, and ol' extia 'íl,iur. Ko i. Green Prulüic, did the pooros-t o? any. ïhey ma,dea tremendous growtli oï' nuik vine?, wh'c'i Btung tbo hand.of the pickors His ftettles, an Bhadowed and sin tkured the '■■ thry autoaated to but little, and the-f were quito soft aud palo eolored. í plowed up this bed and inteud planting it witli soiiio othersoet nesi Spriug. ■", Wilson, sustained lts reputation ït Was the second bost in Iho lot. Th main objootion to it is that, toward tho of the pibkinjj, thi many finnll berrieí'. No. I blanted with viaicus soil. - l'rolific, berries largo, cense lookiu hollow, good ilavor but m liüj'den's No. 1ÍQ produeed a fow very large berries and a good jaany small oihb. Napoleon III. (I suggcst that this be named simply Nwpoleon. Tu-re vas hit on: Napoleon II. v. lis a í'aihm Napoleon III. was a shaui. 'J . not a sliam.) It is a very largo palé coloied borry, of extra fine il ■, rathei soit for miirkct. It is a decidedly healtbj nd v at and drouth bettor tlrau aiiy eort 1 base. Lenning's Wh'te is suft, and palecolorod, but the finost. iLivored berry we havo unloss it by Napoleon 1 II. It is quite pioductive, a liardy and figorous vino, ind makes a multitude of ruimers. I recömmend it for Lomo tM Frorö this patch I picked and sold 2,400 quarts, at an average prfi eiehteen centa ier quart, gross, ipakiug 9432.00. Bcsides what was soM, Wé in the fumiiy and gavo away, as as we can e&timate, abont two hundrod quarts. I have raad of mnch Luger oroj s tinm tliis, but this is tho best I hav. yet, thougli I tbiuk I can do kopt no count of tlit) nuiubsr of qtiartiproduoed by each bod, but uu oertaiu if each kind 1i,k done afj wcll as the Jucunda I sliould havo had at least a tbiid more berries, and nko go a butter price for tiicn;, as this variety always süld lor tlio higbest pricü.


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