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Carbolic Soap For Insects

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A few days since 1 triod an experiment with earbolic soap-iu killing iuseots upon greenhouse planta, particularly the green tíy, tij'iitx, whicu, m everybody knows, ie a great pest, and one not readily destroyed, except by fmuigating witú to. not a vüiv pu to servatory attached toa dwelliag. My first experiment . . Eoap was-i oided suece.s.s, opcrating upon 200 just in blooin, and it wsa eonduoted ss follows: - i:i!o i pui] of warm -uatt.'r I put a lomp of iee of a i heli's egg. The soap was cut p iuto small p I. the water agitated uutil it was all di suds. The water siiouid not be too hot, but if not ;ii..v-.-,, 120 or thereabout, it si;"1'1' '■■' '■ suda cae.:, rosebnsh was plunged, holding the pol invertod in the hands, and kept there about half íi minute. After plunging, the planta veré seí oí4e forá few minutes, then'dippeS in tho game way into clean water, shukiug tliem abont, thorongly washing the leaveg, and thèn réturned to their tortuur place ia llieliouse. ■ ftllB water that killed tLe green lly I will not say, but there is oue tliiiiif certain. thev are


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