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Plant Conflict

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-An eminent list, writÍDg of the stmgglo for life among plauts, makes tliia striking statement : " Each plant cndcavors, almost consciously, te destfeoy its neighbor, to oocupy his gronnd, to feed npóu his nutriment, to devour his stibstance. There aro armieB and invasions of grasses, barbarían inroads, aud cxtirpations. Kvery inoh of ground is contestod by the weeds , the forcst is a struggle for prccodcnco ; the wars of tbc ro&es are a pcrennial feud. The severest lanlscíipe, the stillest woodland, is the mortal arena of vegetable and animal uoisüiet." Senator Sumnor rieles out daily, and when within a couplo of pquares ofhis rosidenoe leaves Iiis easriage and wal ka home. This exeroise,slight as it is, tires him considerab!y. Hinco his relapsa ten days ago lii.-i phygician lias retúmed f o tho subitancous injoctiou of morphinu evory otlior day, with the hopo that this oourse of tréatir.ent will prevent the rncurrenco of the intense puin which ho has recently suffered at timos in tho rcgion of the spinul colunm. White thcre aro about ton thousand men who think they know all about the perpetual motion principie, it ia safo to say that there is not a solitary soul in this universo -wlio can explain why a railroad enginneor blows bis whistle as ho shoots by t passenger train. People who have pojiped up irom their seats and clutched their scaljis on these oceasions are somewhat interested in an explnation. An inventor has attaehcd to a pair of barbev's shears an elastic, hollow ball, which is coinpressed by the oporatioii of outting, and a current of air, forcod out from tho ball, is diicoted along the edges of the blados, and blows away the fragmente of tho hiir as last as they are cut. Why could u't this thing bo made to work on a saloon pie-knife ? A rich oíd í'ollow who owns moro houses than any ono man in Toledo, was waitod üpon by a coinmittce fora subcription to rebuild the fence about the ceruotery. Ilis rcply was oharacteristio as weÜ as lmmorous. " Gentlemen, 1 havo aiways mude it a rule in my business, never to mako any repair untll the tenants begin to eompliün." For house drosses, the pretty summer süks, in smalliigures and stripos, are in demami, and aré Irimiued variously with solid oolors imd Bwisa plaitimïs conibined. One of them is tilmost indispensable for the present season and t,o 1 daya in summer ; whilu the skirts with aprons and jackets or oven duriug the waruiRst days, Tliiovcs break in and steal in tho Ciuoinnati station-houses to such an oxtent tiiat tho poliuc have soarcely any clubs or overooats left, and the authorities think of engagíng a private watchinan. Tho Kansas City fire dopartment are caüed out abont OUCB a waek to put out the moon. By the time the. place is a hundred years oíd, tho peoplo hopo to boeomo acoustomed to tho palo empresa of the night. The inflüonco of women in political matters in England, appsaEï to be wortli winning. At a meeting récently, in support of parliamonlary caurlidato the chairman spocially commendedtho candidato to the ladics present, as being tho best waltzer in the district. A gonerous man can uso sarcasm it is the scoi-n feit by a truc nature for what is baso ; bnt a snoer has always a vein of the ignoble in it, and a sneer at a fallón accomplice belongs to natures of tho lowost grade.


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