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- - ■ j(-il.ï. EXT.OH. I NL ■ ■ I '■ ■ THRflflXIIIMSS.liVÉR & ilOQñ In the wonderfn] medicine To whieh the afilicted nro above pointod for relief, the Ub-, corerer bebieres ha has combined x. harmony inoro of Naturo's most Bovereign curativo proporties, which God has íustitlou mto tho vegetable kingdom for I I i Blok, tima were ;ver befort i ■ 11 oue medicine. 'i'i'! pvidonco of liiis fact is fband in the jreat of most obstinate diaeasea "wbicli it hcis b+'ou IouïhI to oonqner. Iu tho euro ot' lironc-UKIa, lievere (.ouhs, ancl tlte early stages iSf Conramptton, it luis nsftnialied tiio medical i k ulty, and emkiont phyaidt&na iironounee it the greftteát lot ilicaí discovery of the age. "Whilo it cure.e the Boverest Coughs, it atrengthena the eyfitom and puiUkü ïii blootl Iiy i!a great and thorongh biood Jmrffyiiïg propertiea, i t curca all Humor, froto the worst ScroTuIa toa common Blotcli, P(nn[i1 or Eruptlon, 3Ferieral Poisons, and thoir effects are eradioutetl, nu'l viorous Health and a soumi constitiition establielied. lüi-yslptílaei, balt Rhenm, hnvev Soïcs, Sonïy or Houli Skin, in ehort. aU tbc niimnroiie clisenses oanséa by bad tlooQ, are conquored by thia powert'ul, puriiyI.C íind invigoríiting medicine. }t you feei dull, drowsy, debilitated,have l ow color of skin, or yellowiell broyn ppotl on face or holy, fre inor.t neadacho or dizElneM.bad nmoiith, iiitemal beat or rhilU, alteniatrd wlth hot flashes, low fpirits, and gïooiny forebodiikgS, irregular appetite, and longue coated, you ra-o suftcyiug froiu Toriil Xiver or wJ5ilionBU083" Inniany caesof tiIJiver Complitiiit" only pftrt of thcee eymptoraa are esperionceil. As a romedy for ali Huch cases, Br. Piense1 Golden Medical Diecovery has no etiuai, ait eílícts perfect cures, leaving the liver Btrengthened and hoalthy. For tho cure of Habitual Consti pation oí the bowels itv is a never failiug remcdy. tinrl thope who have used it for thla purpoio are loud in its praitc. The propriëtor offers $1 .000 reward for a medí cine that will equal it for the curo of all the die. for which it ís reeommended. 8ld by drusiíiets at $1 per bottie. Prepared by R V Pierce M. D.,Sole Proprietor, at, hisChemi cal Laboratbry. 1 Séneca Wreet. BulíUlo, N. ! i eud your addreta íor a iiampUluk .__ p No Pevsoii can (alte these BHícrs accord ing to díecttoQB, anti remain longunwell, providet ral poisou o ottier i i beyond Un, pu.iil üf rr ly,; I:illse(lon, Ho'.idari'e. rain o! the Chest Dizzin ' ilic Stomacli, liat Taste ih tlie MouiU, Uílíous Attacks, Palpttation o tiio lleart, Ihflatnmation of the Lungs, Painlnttie región of the liidneys, and a huudred other pain fu are tlie off-spriDjís of üyspepsia. One ftottle will prove a beteer puarantoe of íuí incrit than a leng ment, Por Peínale !oiiiplaiiitg, Ín younr or oíd married or single, at the layn of omaníiood, o lih' i tliese Toóle Bitters display so ace tliat Improvement i.s soou perceptible. For Inílnmmatory rdiíl Cíironic lllieu uiatisiu i i 1 luter HutlenTTevi e üluod, Liver, KM :iiil Bladder, these Killers have no cqual Kuch Dlseases are caused by Vitl 'Jl'Ilcy me a Lr" mqjinrrB s weil as a Tüiüc, tlie merit of actino; as a powerful agent Ín relicvlne Conseslion or Inflam matton of t le Liver and Visceral Organa, aud in liilious Dis For Skin LHscascs, Eruptionf, Tctter, SaU Rlieum, Bloiclics. bpotd, Pimples, Pustuies, Hoils Carbuncles, Ríng-worms, Bcald-Heac), Sore Ejes Erysipelasi Itch, scarfs, ' I QsoftneSKiD Humors and Diseasesof theSSinof wliatever nam or nature, are lüerally üux iip and carrled ou of tlio eystcni ,i a tiiort lime by tlie uso or Uiese Bitters. Gratcful Tliousniids proclaim VffiEGAE Bit ti'k. the most wonderful Invigoraat that ever susLaiued tlie sinking ayatem. K. H. McliONALÖ fc CO. Drnggiste and (Jen. Asta., ;m Francisco, Cal,, & cor. oí Washlngto ton Sts., N.Y. SOLU BY ALL DEUGÜljrS & DEALERS. BOOKS. BOOKSq i .1. K. WEBSTER & CO. NEW 15 OOK STORE NEAR TIEE " EXPRESS 0F1 I( E." LOOK TO YOIIU líiTEUEST AM) CALL. _l ]L U. GIDLEY, Saccc8sor to COLGKOVE Se SON. i! mwm ai mm ÍN COOK'S ÍIEW HOTEL, No. 12 E. HURÓN STSEET, DEALER IN eUlfcS, MEDHIES, SllUaCAL NSTRVÍIESíTS, TURE WIÏE8 ASI) LIQl'ORS, CFOR MEDICAL PÜ11P0SES ONLY.) Fancy Gootls, l'críiiincry, PAINTS, O1I,S, VAKWISIIES, GtASS AND PIITTÏ, PDÏSICIAIS' PBESGRIPTIONS Carefally compouutlcd at al] honra. [ PROPOSE NOT TO BE ÜNDERSOLD BY AWY FIEM IN THE CITY WIIO FURNISH AS GOOD AN ARTICLE. isntf E B' SDf A GENTS WANTED FOR BOOKS MEEDED BY ALL FARMERS! tbookí publishea on the Borse aní the ov. Liberal . ;„ [jyAirents íOBfBHACO .PhUadclphia.Pa


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