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The Burial Of The Dane

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Blue gulf all around us, Blue sky overiur-!, Mtisifr nH on the quarierj ■ We must bury the dead I lt is bút a t&íli&h Btülorj Kugged of front and i'orm ; A (ommon son of the forcearlo, Grizled with sun and storm, lïis name and the strand ho hailed from We knuvr- and thcre's nothing mote I But perhftpa his mothsr is waiting On the lonely Island of TGDÏ'. Still as he lay thero dying, Rca-sou drift ing awreek, " 'Tis my watch," he would mutter, "1 must go ution deck " Ave, on desk - by tho foremast ! - But watch and look-out are done; The Union Jack laid him, IIow (uiet he liea in the sun ! Stop the iVmdi'rous engldè, Stay tlie kurrying shaft ! Let tlïe roll of the orean Oradle our piant craft - Gather arouna the gr&tinj?, Carry your nissmate ait ! Stand in order and listen To the holiest pages of prayer ! Let evory foot lift quiot, Every head be bare - The soft tradw") is lifting A hundred lóóks of haii. Our captain reads the serTice, (A httle spray on the cheeks,) The grand old words of burial, And the t-rutit a trae heart seeks - "We therefore coinmit his body To thg dêep"- and, ás hc speaksj Launched trom the weather railing, Swift as the eye can mark, The ghastly shotted hammock, PloAgtrs, áiíay fröIB shark, ílown, a thousand fathcins; Down mtn tle dark ! A thousand summcis and Tvintcrg rfh"D stónny Gulf shall roll High o'er his canvas cofiiii - But, silence tu doubt and dole ! Thero's quiet harbor-somewhero For the poor i.-veary soul; Freè the fettered engiho1, Speed the tireless shaft ! Loose to 'gallant and topsail The breeze is fair abaft ! Elue seas all araund us Blue sky cverhead - Every man to his duty ! . . We havo bur.ed tho dead 1


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