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The Dress Of Civilized Women

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I do declare that 1 thmk ít would be bntt' to die and get out of torment at cuco than ta riso ovcry niorning íor forty years, and box ono's body in a sort of compressivo arniour, .i;' weights to oue's hipsí.and ifloé' weigiits upon tbi' bmtá; whieh uro sttpported by ttie roots oí the huir; put orra's feét ni a in'irber too small. tho wron sbape, and" witli heela HWj stílts ; and then set about doing tbe Vhole duty of a woman, with a cjheert'ul face nd spryiryfor tivni íiituen to seventeen boura otit tíl íhe twen.ytbr.r! Thnt thore ara many woiiei lio ae not fiighttiiied into a duciins at such a proRpect, awl ihut they; bravcly undertiikc tu do it- nay, uio-.'o, th'ut tlícy ever dream that with such diatidvantagea they can work sida by si le with unshackled man, and that they do uot die in living :to do it, certainly saya much ibr thieir courage, but váry little í'or their coinmon sense. A man's drcrsto a Rroat extont is fush'ioned íor comfort. He has contrivunccs t'or Buspending the weight of his clothes t'rom his shouldcTS. M the cast wind; blows lie can turn up bis coat collar, button Uimaelf. bp sü'ufrh', sloueh his hat o.vcr his ?7es, thrust his hands into his pocketa and brave the woather. Bnt imagine a worn:m reinovine her hat os bonnet from the angle at #fiich fashion says tms't vi :v it, on account of tho v. ( ;iiicr, tít íiir:i'i'ií any of her " flxtures" up to protect finir neck and throat, or 'but1 feoning anytbijf !'tif v'f.s unbuttoiifcd' beforc, or Stfbfting lier hátíds intö her póekttts! Sh(! wuukl bo taken lor un improper cb&racter out on a mild gpree, or tor UB escaped inmatnof a lun.atic asylulii, Sholl'.d slio èndéHVor by ivny impromptu rtiiangeföoMt of hbr htibilitttetlte to savo


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