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The Curse Of Drink

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The appetite ior strong drink m man Wfi-s' spoiled tlio lives of more Wonien - ruined moro hopea for them, brought to tbetu moro sorrow, shume tara liardship, than any othcrevil that lives. The country nOinben -nay, humlreáff of thoasands of women who are widows toAay, and sit in hopeless weeds, becausc thoir husbands have boen slain by stvong drink. There aro hundreds of thousands of honics scatlered over the land, in whioh women live ]vrca of going through all t-he chances of suffering fftat He bctween the extrèiffèS 6Í féar and despair, because those whom they love love wine botter than tliey do the women whom they have sworn to love. There are wonien by thousands who dread to hear at the door thn tbat once thrilled them with pleasure, becanse tlüit step has learnod to reel under the inflnence of seductivo poisin.' There aro vromen groaning vith pain, hile we write those words, frorn bruises and brutalHies inflicted by husbands made mud ïrv drink. Tb ere can be no exaggeration in eltoy statement nlndc in regard to t-his rñatter, because no human fflfegnnrtioU can créate any tliing worsü than the trutb, an no pen is capable of portravhig the tfutji, The sorrowa ano horrors of a wifo wiiL' a drimken hushand, or a otlior with a drunkeri son, are ns uoar 'hc .;cal ■ziitic-n of heil as ean be reached itl this World at Tho shaino, tho indif;;iation, the sorrow, nnd tho sense of disfrace tbr hprac!1 ruil hfef ohiid) the poverty, and not unfrequéntly the beggary - the loar and tho fftot ot' violen - tlio lingering, the life-long strugple, nrifi ■ tho despnir of countlees woruen with drúnken ÍStiéoatíeS, are espogfe to make all women curse wino, and engace unitodly to opposo it evcrywhere as the worst enemy of their sex. - Dr. Holland. A pólice jixlo io Cinoiimíiti fined o professional street befcgar $25 and paví thn publié a bit rif vahiable information in páásiiíg sentpiico, to the effect thart suoh characters cm always yay tbeir fines. In those (Jongressional distrijts wliore the bttok-pay grab concressmen are indoraed, thc question in futuro will not be " ís lie honest 'i - is he capable " bu " How lung is bis arm 'í "


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