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Utilizing Water For Purposes Of Light And Heat

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The man wno can set mu Aliamos uu fire bas made bis appearance in England. iis name is Ruck. He has, it is claiined,1 jerfected an invention for economioaüy ïtilizing the hydrogen in water for purpOêeS of light and heat, a result long sought b-y sóientiSc ppeeölatór.Vbu't' hitherto unattained. His process, as doscrib - ed, is simple. The water being lirst reduced to steam is passed througli a redhot tube in a heating furnape, where it is supcrheated till the oxygen and hydrogen are ready to dissolve their aliiance. ït is then passed into a retort fílled with incandesoent coke and iron fragmente.' The' óxygen is Lalen up bj the iron, and. the hydrogen passing through the retort beoomea a heating gas, tho oort of which' is but seven pence pT 1,000 cubio feet. 'l'his heating gis, by a furthor prooesp,; can be carbonipd for illuiiiiuatiiig purposes, and in this condition can be produced of a quality equal to sixteen-candlo coal gas at a prico less than iii'ty centsper 1,MO' cubic feet. Tho invention is spoken of as meritfcrions and practieablo Vi'y the scientittc journalentitled iïature. lï it rcally accomplishes what is clüimed for it, the importanco of tho discovery eau' barcTly bo over-estimated. The sca.rcity of coal in England appears to havo sti.miiUtod men of iuventive genius to unusunl activity in the efbrí te próvido substitutes för that d'escription of fuel. A Mr. Wright, of Sheffield, has just patented a' new invention for giving lie;it and liglit.' Air is the material usel l)y ilr. Wright. ïhe air is carbonizad, and tlius combustible gas is produced, -ïhich it is said, burns brighW than eoaï gas. and wheu n.ix.vl with' atniosrphsrio air gives a 6ating power sutiicieut the molt copper wire.


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