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Tariff Tricks

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The triff bcing in itself a swindie ït is not surprising that it shoultt be evaded )y counter-swindles, and the revenuo robbed daily under the very eyes of the officials appointed to collect it. Take the duty on wntches. It is 25 per cent. ad valoiein. When England still had duties on manufactura! articles she colected a duty not exceeding 10 per cent., and in almost every instante made the ;aiiff specific. This latter, a safer expedient, can only be successfully carried out when the duties are on a low scale. We, on the other hand, go in for exorbitant duties, and tho consequence is smug;ling undervaluations. and all manner of lishonest evasion. When ' the artful 3awes made a horizontal reduction of 10 jer cent. in the duties ho was anxious, as was indeed tho combined wisdom of the arüï-tinker8, to except watches and ewelry from this reduction. He took reat pains to próvido specifically for it hus : " On all motáis nofc herein otherwise jrovided for, and on all manufactures of metáis of which either of them is the component part of chief valuo, excepting jereussion caps, watches, jewelry, and other artiules of ornament." lilis is meant, ot courso, to except watcbes froiu the reduction. Butthe im)orte"s of watches were a match for the artful Dawes ixi artfnlness. Tlio princial Lmportation of Geneva, watches is tone as follows : The iavoice states that ho case contains says 500 gold ■watcli cases, Sny numbered and described. ihen there Sr 500 wateh movemcnts to it tho above cas? in the Rarae box, but n separate The wholo is worn to as f arts of and, being a manufacture of metal is enfitïed to the 10 jer cent. reduction. All that is t be done in New York when these part of vatches are landed is to gt nutnber of watch movement to tho corresponding nutnber of gold case and put a pin in the oint, tho averago cost of which is less han 2 cents for each watch, and the savng in a $100 watch is $2.50, gold. As oar importations of watches aro about 3,000,000 annually and tho duty theroon s 1760,060, Goyernment by this artful lodge is swindled out of $75,000 revenue. Por ways that are dark and for tricks hat are vain the tariff of the bost Govrnment the world ever saw is peculiar - uite worthy of the liberality of the naion of the heathen Chinees. - N. T. Vorld. A Washington special announces that ne of the coinrnissioners to Vienna has )eeu suspended for irnpropcr prácticos, vho ïs kow on his way to Vienna, and nother is suspected and his case is being ïquired into. Eeports are ia circulation nut somc of tho complimontary conmiisonors secured their appointments in orer to represent certain manufacturing ntorests, and that a sewing machine ünijjimy and a gun company each has a overnment coinmis6iouer iu lts employ.


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