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The ERoy Press tolla tíio story of a wedding that was not quito a Wedding. The placo was Malt, Saraloga Coiinty, N. Y; the brid -grooiri expeetant one Albert Knight, a gradúate of the Normal School at Albany, and tlie bride elect ik youns; lady of beauty and fortune The fpHst was made and tho gnests convened, when thü bridegrecm to be SOUght a private interview with the dtTgyntun who was to oiïiciate, and requosted and urged hita to omit tho words " so long na, you hoth do live," saying that they were h nuliity, as tho kivrs Kirinitted a divor.'o and ho niglit tire of bis bargain and seeU u dissolution. The ciergynian rei'used and idvised thu lady's motber of the request, when the hositating man departed and tho foast was er.ten withou a iiiariiagre ceremony. A big brother and a good cow-hide would have been in order about that time. - Commenting upon tho fact that $000,000,000 worth of liq-iors and $250,000,000 worth of tobáceo wera consumed q the United States in 1870, Uirper'a Weekly says : " Ko wond-er peoplo are poor, when such sums of monoy nre expended on indulgencies of this kind." - And it might have added that the amount of indolence, shiftlessness, vagabondism, and terrible crime was also easily accounted for. Liquor drinking is tho parent of vico and crime as well as of poverty. - Senator Bayard, of Dclaware, has turned his $5,000 increased salary into tho treasury. lie saya that ho consentod to the increase in tho conference committee and voted for tho bill becauso great public interests were at stake and not for personal benefit or profit. Chandler and Ferry who voted ngainst tho bill havn't been heard froin as yot. - The New York Tribune is greatly tonished that an attenipt shouln be made to tcach botli allopathy and homeopathy in the medical departnient of the University, " since they are so diamotrioally opposite that, if one be true, the other from neoessity, must bo falso." It imagines ' they will havo sweet and peacoful times" in the department. - "Jenkins," telegraphing the movements ot' the President and party at St. Louis, says : " To-night a reception was given to Miss Nellie at the residenco of Indian Commissioner Campbell, which, although quiet and private, was largely attended." Why did Jenkins obtrude on that quiet and privacy 'i To " blab," of course : his trado. - And now comea the Brooklyn Eagle and charges that Henry C. Bowen is responsible for " nll that is tangible in the slanders on the life and moráis of Ilonry Ward Beechcr." And yet Bowen is an attendant upon Beecher's ministrations. There aro a multitude of holes in a skimmer. - The legislature has enacted a law imposing a specific tax upon palace and sleeping cais. As these cars aro not owned by the railroad companies, and are the sourco of a largo revunue vo the Corporation owning and running them, it is but just that they should bo taxed. - The Frec Press insults that lively and spruce young maiden, Susan B. Anthony, by insinuating that sho could remember in detail the events of 1721, " having been forty years old at that date." - Susan ought to " snatch that fellow bald.' - A modest Iowa Congressman wliose name is witheid by his own request has tías sent a paokac;e of bonds to the treas ury pqual in amount to. bis share of th nack p,vy steat, is tbo subitáneo of Washington dispatuh. A little fisliy. - "The Tbree Cent Man" is tlie titl the New York Beening Pont bestows upoi Gen. Butler in view of his recent refund ing exploits. The Post thinks it rould b a grand rallying ery for a ffiibernatoria oampaigTï in the " Old Bay State." - Ben. Butler having purchase.l a $300,000 farm in the vieinity of "Washing;on tho Capital puts up the following wail : " We aro only to-day recovering 'rom the small-pox, and now comes B. B. ;o bo a permanent resident." - The South Bend Register says that 3olfax don't want to go back to Congres, no he don't, nor don't want any otber office, not hc. "He belongs to himself and his family." Who cares ? - Representativo Crebs, of Illinoi Dem.), has returned bis quota of lbo 15,000 swag to tho U. 8. treasury. He ouldn 't consent to retire to private life with that stoal burdening his conscience. - A great calauiity impends over the Central Uuiversity (M. E.) at Naghvillc, 'enn. It is to be re-christened Vanderilt. 500,000 is the price paid for suoh piece of vandalisin. - ■ Report comes from Alexandria in 3gypt, that tho distinguishod traveler, Sir Samuel Baker, and his wife, have een murdered in the interior of África y the natives. - Believing in the maxim, " the eaily ñrd catehes the worm," Gen. Butler i lready in the field for the next guberna;orial canvass in Massachusetts. - Will Dr. George Macdonald know ne of his progeny by the name of "Winred" Cumbermode, which is bestowed by the Detroit Tribune ? - The New xork Commercial Advertiser enters Gen. Hawley for tho Presidential raco of 1872. Rather prematuro we should say. - Tho New York Legislaturo held Seward memorial services on Fridny last. Charles Francis Adams delivered the oration. - Brother-in-luw Craraer, U. S. Minister Resident at Copenhagen, arrived in New York on Wednesday last.


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