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tueb notiöeï To T. Ij. Broóks or hh agent or assigns, Take notice, fhnt the money uue on a certnin niorttfneo iriven by I-'rederick Stnbler nnd wifo to jou ia deposited in tlie Savinn bank, Ann Arbor, rendy for payraent of aid mortpne. MICHAEL STABLER. April 34, 1873. 1453 T WELLING HOUSES FOE SALE A largo and rerjr Tvoll built brick housp. irith two or more lot. ïwo large friimcd housos. Also n gootl sizod brick house ntid framed house ; nnd 1 em:ill fnlme house on a good lot, intended iornddin? afrunt, for sale on fair teems and a ícasonable credit! Also ottier buildings, lots, and property. MOJiEÏ WAÜTEP - So wishin to borrow money npplj to me that I run rendily obtain for lenden i,"ood satisfactory imv,t;.ient at ten per cent. interest. E. VT. MOR1JAX. Ann Arbor, April 53, 1S73. ]423tf TOHNFRËD. BUOSS, MANUrACTUüEn oy f ARBiACrs, BICVIES, I.I.HBER 1ÍU;CSS, SPlUXti WACeSSi CITTERS, ILEMfll, kt. All TTork warranted of the best maferinl. ITepniringdone iromptly ar.J reiuonably. All woTk warranted to give pirfett tt'iction. 68 Sooth Main trott. J423 The Cash Dry Cfoods House offer all the novelties of the Eastern and European markets FOtt SPBIIG AKD SUMMER WEAR ! We invite special attention to onr BLACK ALPACAS AND PüRE MOHAIES, W?tich for quality and cñeapness can not Ie mrpasied in the city. Come and see our DRESS GOODS, STRIPE SILKS, PERCALES, GRENADINES, MOUENIXG GOODS LAMA LACE POINTS AND JACKETS, PAISLEY AND STRIPE SHAWLS, LACE AND SILK TIES & SCARFS, PARASOLS, &c The flnest stock of Hosicry in the City. Ladies if you wisli tlie Best KID GLOVE in the market buy a pair of the " CAMILLE SEAMLESS." We have them in all the new shades nnd Opera Tints, in two, three and four buttons. g Onr stock is new, and ttc sell for cash and givo bottom prices. C. H. MILLEN & SON. 14J3tf ♦ Estáte of Joseph F. SchilK STATE. OF MICHIGAN, County of, At n nession of the Probate Court for the County of "Wnahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in th city of Aan Arbor, on Weduesday, the twerty-third doy of April, in year one thousand eigfet hundred nnd scventr-ttuce. Present, Nonh W. UlweTcr, Judge of Probate. In the mrttter of th estáte uf Joseph Y. Schill, dcceased . On lejidinfj nnd füiug the petition, duly verified, of Aaron L. i'eldkamp,prayintf that H certain iuntrurncut ncw on tile in this court, purporting to be tJie last rrill and testament of enid deceased, ma y be ndinitted to probate, Mad Joh Halsle rnay bo Pppointed sole executor thereof. Therenpon it ia orde-red, that Monday, the rtineteenth day Of May next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. be iisfjipned for the lienrinfi of said petition.nnd that the devíseos, lepa tets nnd hens at law uf said docensc-d, and all other persons interested in said estáte, nre roquirr-d to njipear nt u sessiOB of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show enune, if iny thre be, w&y the prayer of tlie petitrorer ahoiild not be pianted. And it is f urther ordered, that said petitiouer givc notice to the perse nsinteyested in said estáte, oi' the penden oy of said petition, and the hearing; thereof, by auiUDga copy of this order to be published in the Michigan Argus, ;i riew? paper pnnted satA circulatins? insnid County, three sueecssive weeks previous to sitid day of Ilf Hl twjp (A tme cwpy.) NOAII TV. ClTEEVElï, 1423 Judffeof Probnte. liew Sectional Atlas OF H1ICHCA! (From United Stntet Land Surretp, lakt Survey, and frém Iotnl Surcets and Obsemations,) Of tbo several Counties and TowBsbips. Messrs. Tackabury & Wallingof Detroit, hnve been consfantly enpaed for the p:ist eighteen months, with ii Inrire corps of enftfnMra and engntrvis, prepuring-n full and oompleie SKCTIOXAL MAP &f eaeh of the SEVENTY-SIX COUNTIES of the Ststfr. Wüch will grive more important information than hnñ ever been shown in nny s,imilnr work publislied on the American continent. Xhere will be given : 1: An :ible and eLkborrcte article on the ToroortAphy and Hyduogkaphy of Mic-higan, by Professor Winchell, late of Michigan University. 2. A History of the State, by Ilon. C. I. Walker. 3. An Eduoational Histouy, by Ron. Oí aniel Hosford, late Superintendent of Public Instruction. 4. A History of the Raïlroads of Miclugun. by Iïay Huddock, Esq. 5. A charter on the great resources of the State, including Iron, C opper, l.umber, Coal, Pitït, l'lster, Silvcr, (iold, &e.t by H. M. Utiey, ICsq. 6. A Treatibe on Geoi-ogy, accompanicd by n geological mtp of the State, by Professor "Winchell. 7. A chnpter on the Climate, by Professor Winrfïeïl, with a Olimatological Map of iliohii?;in anti dioimner States. 8. A full and complete Railroad üap of tbe í'nirE.n States, eolored by States. í. A Iïailroad Map of Michigan, with Railroads printcd in colora. ÏO. A Map of EtniOPC, showing all the late cliairges, nd eolored by eountriea. 11. A VEIiY COMl'LETK MP A ft AT 8 BXOTtOVAX' MAP if each CoontT in tlie Stnte, onc 4'osmty on F'iiSC, on the larpe Kcule of tliroc niilc to au ncli, and eolored by towns. These maps are beinfï -tlainly andneatly enpruved by tho bul Engravqrsof Vciy York City, ana will show the sectiona, carr age roíids, rnilroads, utations, postolriees, lnkes. streams, &c. Each County oceupying a page 14x18 inches. 12. A ciescription of ovciy place in íEír Stule, nnd naming the pago on whidi it cau be onnd. 13. A Businesi Directory of mdh plaoe, giving the ñames and business or profesflíoa of tho patrons of the work. From the very libernl patronaat we are receiring for the work, wc are enttWed (o íurnish it for a trifle more thivn i being-c!i;-jjtl Cor fin Atlas of a single County, potten up in a very far inferior atyle. Tne pnblifiation iriíl unf)ur.stionably bo tho moet valuable work of the kind ever oífered to the citizciis of the 8tt-Dtroit Tribuvt. Frora sflmplo proofs of the enfrravingrs irhich Tve hiive boen shown we can sny that tina Atlas wil I he by far the fluest thing of the kind ever published in this State.- Detroit J'ost. Bíy The work will be Strrtnyly and Xtothj Round Ín oiio volume, vith teather back and corners, and soJd by suhscription. TJic Apents nre noTT travolinjy tlirough this counly showinK1 Rpwiraens of the and exhlbttiag an Atffti of Mam tfutt ett, isautd by the same honse, and all will be ealled upon nnd giren an opportunity to examine tho work. Cauttox. - "We wish it distinctly nndcratoocl that wo aro in no way connected with any of tho COUipaniea who arn publishing chenp editions of xuaps of single counties, and selling nt about the same price as our whole work. Don't order until yon sec this ieorl Ifchns been endorsed by the leading1 men throughout the State. 142UÍ TACKABI RY & W'ALT.IKO.


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