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The New County Atlas

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We wish once more to impresa upon oir reaür the importance ot encouraging Messrs. Evekts & Stkwjlst in their oiuïeavor3 to publUh au At!as Map of ïliis coimty. The mtre we lenrn oí the extcntand completeness of thcir work and becorr.e acquaintcd with the firm and thcir gcntlemanly agents, the more sanguine are wc that this is tke map for the citizens of Washtenaw County to support. We feel fully conTinced that these men mean just what they say in their letter to the public, and that such nn Atlas can only be produced by carnest and cientific labor and the outlay of mauy thousand do! lora. The wealthy counties of Southern Michigan necd, and are bound to have new farm maps, and if a good one is not accepted a miserable iffair - like our old wall map - is íiable to be imposed upon us. This is strictly a local enterpme and should ava!;en a diiTerent interest fcora the variety of maps beinj distributed throujihout the country, and v?hich are constant'y in the market. Added to tho County Map proper will be a doublé pago map of the Uniled States and of the State ot Michigan, of latest ■ data. Our neighbors of Lenawee and Jackson we earnest and emphatic in thoir support of these gentlemen and their complete and perfect Atlases, and w trust they will not drup this county, as they havo alrcady thought senously of doing, in favor of the ncighboring counties 'iiovc mentioned, which they think give them a more cordial reception. We are pleased to hear that during tho time they are engaged upon the fiold wovlc of this and the adjoining countie Uv vrill mako our city both their headquartera nd home. - We are sorry to hear that the agenta of a SUte Atlas advertised in our columns are throwng cold water on this enterprise, and insinuating that the promises made by Messrs. Eteets & Stewart will not be kept, or that their Atlas iU be inferior in workmanship. Such jealousi and uncalled for statements should be disreRwdcd. The State map does not neccssarily conflict with the County Atlas, and if it does the citizens of Washtenaw County should give lference to the County Atlas, which. we can uro them is deservmp; their subscription. We ould not feel called upon to give place to this P&raraph but for the ill-timed, discourteous ni unprofessional " Caution " appended to the tóvertisement roferred to. " Let dogs delight to bark and bite For 'tis their nature to," w lines which we commcnd to our cotcmporri( of tho Courier and Register. We mighl ínish the quotatiou, but then neither party ouíd thank us to insinúate any brotherly feeling or dutiea. vr- an adjournr1! iorm. of the Circui vourt on ?.T.;niay liif, and provincial and coun rJ 'i: ome hed " hcap o OGodilc teara " over tho stubboro foct that thej ai heen uoomed to put up for an indefinUe Iñol with the old tumble-down concern called Curt Houm.


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