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" The Insanity of Cain" is the suggcstive title of the most remarkablc nrticle in the May number of Scrttmer"s Monthhj, and one vrhich is destincd to attract wide attontioii. ïn the way of pictorial papers, tiiero is a wcird littie poem by Miss Maria E. Oakey. with a decoration (iy tlic ar.lhor; Mr. Bfaodw' Bltide on Oavarni, the John Leëch of France iÜüstïatéd by some of tho best cngravings that have latoly been made in America ; Stahlüy's paper on " Four Great Aflicta Travelers," with a fmrrtber of lively illustra.tions, and " Cuba and tho Catata," giTlflg ra by means of pen and picture, a good idea of the situation in that unfortuate island. Miss Lsdyard'a designs accompanying Mrs. Walker's amusing story are Very bright, and the Jnpanese picture3 i)i the Etchings are as í anny as tho letterpress d'escriptions. Vc Cnd a fíiie critical papel1 on Waiter Savage Landor, by fi Jmund C. Stsdman ; a!so some timely hints on " The Califöfnia Journey." by Susan Coolidge ; an interesting account of the Civil Service Beform; the last part of Saxe Holm's story, " The Èldor's Wif e ;" a bright little sketch by Kate V. itamiltOn, called " A Novel Spoiled;" the continuation of Ör. Holland's story, Arthur Bonnicastle ; poems and translatione by J. T. Trowbridge, George MacDonakl, Thomas Dunn English, and others. Dr. Holland's Topics of the Time are entitled, Thou Shak Kill, Mitigating Circumstances, Cruelty tj Men and "Women, and Civil Service Reform. The Oíd Cabinet contains Reckless Moments. and a conple of sonnets in the Italian manher. In iiomo and Society aro Our Old Books nnJ ï'eriodicals, Less Glitter, Makiug Presents, etc. In Culture and Progress tliere is a brief paper by Col. HigginSen, in which he quotes the ons of víirioúí educatoro in regard to his proposition as to Inter-CoHegiote scholarship, and also an excellent account of Ëllglish Parliamentary Bules and tlie late Ministerial Crisis; ScwbseH & Co., New York. - The Eclectic for May is an cMBptionally good number. It has no Ies8 than flfteen papeïsj scarcely one of which is notabove the average; atldi in addition to these tho four Editorial departments present the reader with the freshest and most important ihfortnation in the liturary field at home and abroad, in science and art, and in miscollaneous matters. The tabln of contents is as follows : The Works of íhuckerfty, Lord Lytton, Ilalluciuatory Manifestatious, Too Soon - a Novel, Souih-Sea Slavory Kidnapping, and Murder, Balliol Scholars, Edward Wortley Jlontagu, The Antarctiu Eegions, Germán Novelista, A Winter Fantasy, Problems of Civilization, The Nature and Authority of Miracles, Bring me Word how Tall she is, The Aryan Races of Peru, In these Hard Times, and Oliver Weudell Mines, of whom therc is a flne portrait. E. B. Peltox, IOS Fulton Street, New York. - The Altlinc has an unusual number of briliautand striking illustrations- pictures in which rtist and engraver have vied with each otlicr. rirst, The Lee Shore, a spiriteJ and powerful marine view, by M. F. H. de Haas, and his finest ffort. Winds au waters have combined or gpregated to drive a good ship from her course tid upon a terrible lee shore, and tho pamter must have anticipited in visión the fate of the Atlantic Then come, Tho Unbidden Guestf, fter the original of Monginot, a picture in trange contrast with the preceding ; A Trout Jrook, by Cosilear; Sis; illustrations of New Chicago, The New Postoffice, Pacific Hotel, Michigan Southern and Bock Island Passenger )epot, Chambear ef Cosnmerce, and Times and 'rtlmxe buildings, a series marking the wonderul work oí but little more than a year ; and hen, The Drusen fall, a Hoted fall in Thuringia, with other pictures. The tabie of contents ncludes Mr. Bonsall's Match-Making, an amusing social sketch, by Miss Lucy Ellen Guernsey! Pierre's Crime, a story ef Freiich poasaut-life, by Miss Kate Putnam Osgoed, vrith attractive sketches, poras, etc. A capital number Jamks Sutton & Co.riew York. - The Atlantic has : The Two Letters, by Lucretia P. Hale; A Legend, by M. C. T.; CMld-Life at the Islo3 of Shoals, by Celia Thaxter-, The Trodden Path, by B. W.; The Prosidential Campaign of 1796, another of Parton's capital Jefferson papers ; The Goal of Spring, by Jas. F. Colman ; A Chance Accjuaintance, T. by W. D. Howells ; A Prayer in Weakness, by M. B. C; A Cruise through the Galápagos, by E. C. Agasíiz ; Emanuel von Fellenbo and his Self-governiug College, by Robert Dale Owcn ; Specie Resumption, by Sam. R. Reed ; llenry Iloward Brownell, by Tho3. B. Aidrich ; My Railroad Fight in and out of Court, by John A Colenian ; Soanderberg, by Henry W. Longfel!ow, and a characteristic poem ; fuil Literary, Art, Music, and Science Notes, with a politie! paper on Possibilitios of Politica] Iteform. Jas. R. Osoood fe Co., Boston. Our Younj Folks - iroin the samo house - has three chapters of Tron'bridge's capital boy story, Doing bis Bast ; an interesting artiole About E'.ectrotyping and some other Things, by ET. EHot ; What shall ve name our Baby ? poem) by Laura D. Nichols; ïho Goat and tlie Swiug, pnem and illus., by J. ï. Trowbridge ; Tho Calicó Papar, by Eüzabeth Stuart Phelps ; and a heap of good things bcsides. - The Cathelic World has wong other papers: The Evoïutionof Life, Dante's Purgatorio, Tho Itussian Idea, My Cousin's Introduction, Madame Agne3, Conciliar Decrees on the Holy Scriptures, Myths and Mytïi-JIongers, Womaa as a Winner. rjuutainebleau, Brittany - its P-iople and Poems, " For Batter- for Worse," John Baptist de Rossi and bis Arclieeological Works, and a Legend of S. Christopher. The Catiiolic Pcblicaiiox House, Ne, 9 Warren street, Ne w York. - The Ladies' Rcpository opens with a sketch of the late Lülio Hayes Waugh, by Mrs. Will ard. Among its other mimerous papers are : Glimpses of O!d England, by Mrs. E. S. Martin : Consecration, by Julia Kipley Dorr; Francia Bacon, by Itev. J. II. McCarty ; two mofe charters of Betsy Triggs or Kescued from Shame, iii which the two r.hilanthropic young knights get iutu a serious scrape ; Charities of Philadelphia - The Alms-House, by Mrs. Sue M. D. i''ry ; Chaps. xiii. - xv. of Oetavia Solara, by the author #of Mary Povvcll ; One of the Wrong3 Gail Hamilton For,7ot, by Mrs. Mary Y. Parker, with lesscf urticles, poemi, scicnce, art, and literary notes, and e, readib'.o E litor's T.ib!e. HlTCECOOX & Walden', Cmcinuati. From the same firra a'so comes the Golden llours, filled with good thinga for young rea Iers. " How to oo West " is the name of an instructive pamphict issucd by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Eailroad Company - one of the best managed and safest roads in the country. It is a complete guide to Southern Iowa, Nebraska, Knnsas, California, and the whole Great West, giving maps, connections, tables of distances, fares, and much valuable information concerning cities, business, and advantages of the West. A copy can be obtained freo by addressing D. W. HiTcncocK, Gon'l W. 1'. A. 6f C. B. & Q. ft. R., Chicago, 111. We are indebted to Hon. Hekïiy Waldbok for " U. S. Geological Survey of Montana and Adjacent Tcrritory, 1871," a vcry roadable and instructive volume ; also for " Messages and Documents, Department oL State, 1872-73," neither so interesting nor instructive. The favor is the more appreciated as it is the first evidence roceived for years - excopt an occasional speech, prospectus of some journal, or advertisement of lome " Correspondence Bureau" - that the Akous was known to exist, - by the member f rom this district or State. Wc had come to conclude that none but partisan journals wero lifted for documents. Kev. B. ït. SiurPEX, of Boston, General Secretary of the American Unitarian Association, will preach in the Unitarian Church next Sunday evemng at 7 1-2 o'clock. Subject: The Gospel Yoko or the Law of Service. Mr. SiiipPEN is one of the ablests preacher in the Unitarian body.


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