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A Chance For An Aspiring Boy

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líou. H. Waldbojí, of this Congresaional district, hSving at his disposal an appointment to the ifavai Academy at Annapolis, Sfd., lias nppointed a Board of Examiners, and given notice cf a public exainination to be held at Manchester, in this county, on Thursdny, May 8th, on whose recommendation he will nomínate. The exftmirieïs aré : Hon. Pemey Bills, of Tecnniseh ; Lieut. C. V. Gridlf.t, of Hillsdale ; Dr. l. F. SoUTHWOETn, of Monroe ; and Prof. Estaerook, of Ypsilanti. The candidatos must be bctwecn 11 and 19 yeafs of age, must veigh from 100 to 120 lbs. according to age, and the successful candidatfl will be reqmrecl to report at Annapolis betwecu the 20th and 30th of June - when ho will be oflicinlly examined. As the notice of the Manchester exainination gives candidatea no intiniation of what the re quirements are we quote from the regulations : Candidatos for appointrnent as raidshipmen must be between 1-t and 18 years of age when exarnined for admission. All candidatos for admissión will be required to certify, on honor, to their precise age, to the Academie Board, previous to examination, and none will be exarainöd Wlio are over or under the prescribed age. They must be of good moral character, satisfactorv testimoniáis of which, from persons of good repute in the neighborhood of their residences, must bé presönted ; and iestimonials from clergvmeni instructora iu colleges and high schools, will have Special weight. They must pas a satisfactory examination before the Academie Üoard in reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic, geogiaphV) and English grammar, viz: in Jieading, they must read clearly and intolligibly from any English nafrativa work- as, for example, aiBcroft'l History of the United States ; in Writing and Kpeliñ;, they must write from dictation, iii a legible hand, and spell vith correctness both ofally and in writing ; in Ai'iihttlettc, thev will be examinad itl numeration and the add'ition, subtraction, mUltipllcation, and diviüion of whole numbers and vulgar and decimal ffaitions, and in proportion, or the rule of three ; in (teoijraphy, they will bë exflmined as to tha leming grand divisions - the continoiitn, oceans, and seas, tho chief mountains and rivers, and the boundarios and population of the chief na tions, their government, oapitals, and chief cities ; in F.nyüsh Grammar, they Will bo ex amined as to the parts of speech and the ele ïnentary coHstru'ction of sentences, and will be ïequircd to write an original paragraph of a few sentencosv The Board will jiideo whether the proriciency of the candidate in these branches is ■surh'cient to qualify him to entef upon the studies of the Academy. In áddition there will be Rn examination by a medical board to test the physical capacity and fitness. The candidate designated by the Congressman and paasèd by the Ëxamining Boards at tho Academy will bo appointed as midfihipman and paid his traveling expenses. He will be required to bind himself to romain iu the service eight y irs including his probation at tho Naval Academy, and if ho resigns before the expiration of such term will be rsjquirod to refund tha travehng expenses paid him. The pay of a midshipmau before graduating or when on shore duty or leave is 5500 ; after graduating and when on sea-service, $300 a year. - Does ony Washteuaw boy wish to enter the oontest f


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