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The Bank Of England Forgeries

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The recovery of nearly a quarter ei n million dollars of United States bonda which had been obtained by McDonnell, alias Bidwell and assoeiates, in the late Bank of England forgeries, wass eftectod to-day, the fucts concerniug which are as follows : Oa tho 5th of Harch last, t trunk said to contain wearing apparel, old and in use, was delivered at the office of the North Atlantic Expresa Company, No. 4 Margrato stroef, London, by a person calling himsclf C. Loosing, of ïunbridge wells, England, and addressed to Major Georgo Mathews, New York, to be kopt in bond at the express office, No. 71 Broadway, New York, until called for. Tho trunk was duly forwarded by the express company and reached New York by the steainsliip Cuba, which arrived March 2Oth, and was kept in bond by the company as per instructions until Saturday last, when a ivomen calliug heiself Mrs. George Mathows presented an order for its delivery at the express offico, duly signed " George Mathews." In the meantime the counsel for the Bank of England had received information in regard tn the trunk which resul ted in its detention by the company until to-day, wheu it was taken possession of under an order of the Supreme Court by Nathaniel Jiirvis, Esq., receiver in the Bank of England forgery case, and oh being opeued and examinad, was found contaiuing a quantity of woaring apparel, old and in use, two gold watche?, several miscellaneous articles, and three packages of United Staies flve-twentv and tenforty bonjs rolleil up in soiled linen, aniounting in all to $220,000. The bonds were found to be indentical in the amounts and numbcrs with thoso obiined by the Bidwell forgeries, and in he trunk were found cards and silver jlates with the name of Georgo Bidwell, apers of memoranda and bilis showing hat it had been shipped by and belonged o him. Out o; $300,000 obtained from ho Bunk of Enslaml by these forgeries all bul about $30,000 bas now been rocovered. 1 1 - 1 1 - -


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