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AJN AEBOE TRADSIIG Will sell all of thcir FALL AND WINT Kil Dry Coods! ( - - k % NEW YORK COST 3 _,OB_ j i ti , n i 1 CARPETINGS i All thoie wUhing to purchnse J CARPETING TDIS 8PRIKG i o Will d well to cali ftt once und mrilce thelr pUfclinses. We meua just wlmt yr uy. ( i üIi 5 ri UW U t J IL t Wa havo the most oompiot ASSORTMENT or GOODS To be found in ho oiT"sr or aebob. 0. W. HAYS, Supt. Mnrch 10, 1373. H17 TyHERE TO BÜY BLEACHED COTTONS ! HACK & SCHIVIID Hare just roceived a lnrgro atocle of the BEST AND MOST POPULAR ..... _L_ New York Mills, Wamsuttas, Utica, Nonpareils, Tnscaroras, FRÜiTOFTHELOOM Loniidutlct HUW Semper Idem% Cabots, tc ALBO, IN As well as lö other Unes of our ftöocln, we nfe enablcd to show the Largest and Best Assoiiment In the city, at the LOAVEST PRICES. 1-109 ANNARBOE Mineral Springs House. is boirttlful resort for health-seeifers Is notr open, with ita IRON, MAGNESIA, AND SULPHUR WATERS, ComraodiotiBbnildli g he.ited by team t and large and well-ventiintod roomsWATER AND AIR EATHS, Of iili tcmperntiii'ei, iilso Showpr, Vnpor, Mcdic.ited and Kluctric Tint hs are cmploytd with ftciv:intrtí: ir the treiumont of nll farm o! chrunlc disenso and dfsortsci of fcraalea. Special ntiëutioi paid to dlia. With plc.lKnnt nrronndinfr. and situnted in onc of thonuwt hoalthy nnd beiiutlfulcltlps in the country, it poWMBe atlrnctions foriuvalids or forploaure-scekers Mldnn found. Tho nnnlysii of tho Spring will be lurnlshcd on nppllcMtion. Pt'.rii8 deslrlOK circnlnrs to send to their frlendscan procure them nt the nfllccof the l'roprlelors on Hnron ïtreet, or at the Spring, Addres9 nll ltterij of inqniry To M0BBI8 HALE, k. I)., Supt. Ann Annon.MiCH. Sutiierland and Whcdou, Prot'k. Ann Arbor.llich. .IiiiH'. 11, U72. TMPROVED SAXON CEYSTALS, 8PECTACLE8 ANll EYE PAESBRVERS. ritr.mizca anti recommemled hy the riiostomircnt OcuImIb nml gentlemen of tho medical pi-ofession, M beini; of tninspurout rcfraotire annlity, so constructed nt to effect the utmost relltl uni preserve tho fUDOtisni of th(! eyes. Tho siht of tlfe nrfod greatly ssisted ; weaksishtstrünjllioncd, Mid perfect sifrht preserved. soi.Orfons A SOÍS, PjAracitOmuiJj, nnd Manufacturera of the improved EY1Í FUE. 8ERVING 8PECrAOLB, OATAHAOT I,BNS CONCAVE GLA8SEB for neiirniifhtcd persons. JACOB UALLEH, Agent, H!3m So. MDnètÖuröDSt., Ann Arbw.


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