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Making Poor Roads

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Whilo the best time for rnalriny ínviipikes and hauiinsrclay may be at flvut seasoii. at iiio year when the grouruï is ounorparativaly dry a nel the farmers have but little else to do, yet, in view of the interesta of thr." public, the most prsaing time for making certain repairs isiiumediately rif ter the washings of tho spring freshííts. A competent oversrer will ook out for this, but in choosing sucB au öflft eer, iavoritisra, partisanship, politics, or soine ether inappropriato consideration, ha? more to do with his ojectiou than fitness ; and the men set to do the work may know how to make a good boot, or earry on a farm, but they know notiiing of road-mftking, nnrl must of e o tirso fail. as 3VEry one wiio stops to consider would expeet. ÏUey go on to the ïoads and plow iip the loara by thi ir sides, and throw it into the road, possibly, to inake n muddy, disagreeable road where therc was a tolerable one befo re ; or cast on ■gravel or other material whore none was neerted, or possibly when it should have been eut down ond the itmteriitl1 cai'ted ftway to ííll up some other place.. Ajiaiu, we iind I:Í!;ivay surveyors 30 - '.V(,ric on the roads tiiey travel cïo mos', IeaviDgothera in bad condition,. JNIany of them teel that tb s work ot road repairing uuiy be attended to when the re eau nat work in their fields, hd so go on to tbc ro;ms and eart over fhara, and aotually do more harm than good'to tB -gaine. A'gain, tho appropriations of funds are .;fini'.il!y imuffieiont. Farmers do riot recogDÏzatbe preat return to be realized from investraonts in food roads. We often iind roads back in the country so jioor that wo involuntarily cali to mind tlie stanza of the E%trfishinan, who carne to America and rode over soine of the poor roads of this country : " This rond is not passaV.o,Not even jackassable : Aiul tluiiio wlio would travel ifc Should turn out and gravel it."


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