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Time And Salt Mixtures

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Prof. Juhtisan rocomincnds ior fortiliziiii; purposes to mix ono bushei of' snit, wnd two IiusíilIs of dry lia.-t uuder cover, and allow the mixturo to déooinpose gradually, thus forniiug an intímate ühemical union oí tho two rnateii;ils. Vov thiá puipose the mixture should be mnde at least six weeks before use, or still two or tbrea months, the h:.'.u) mculioned be ag lurnedover occaBionally. 'l'his s:i!t atidt limo mi: when applied :it the rato of twenty or thirty bushels per acre.-forms mi exoellent top dressing rbr many grops. It Acts powerfully on the vegetable matter of sous ; iifty-tsix bushels applisd to a turnip erop have produced ae ■ largo a erop in barnyard manure. It ia also very destructivo to gruba and insects in tliu soil. Like salt it attracta moisture t'rora the air, and is uset'ul against droutli. Lts deeoinposing power is remarkable, and if throe or four bushels af it aio mixed with a load of swamp muck, tho latter will be d to a powder. Checsc is popularly aupposed to be constipating in ïti eitoots. Tbis is truo us regards green olioese, and untrue if the chu'-si) lius been allowcd to ripcn. If it is ki!])t until it sot'tens, somuwhat lito butler, it is then ripe, and is as easilv digested as tender beef.


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