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i 8 ate ol tkota B. AbM Lh5aSS "1 Mi5 ' r MPir.,1 i!, „.,.,,,!■ "t '"" ?"" ?Lsald. lv";K' "'■ ra st l,e r?' in the City of Ann Arbor, ,-, i ,, ' ! Uie waver oí ti w ivc notice lo the „ son intereoted ins i.lesl.ile, of the penden ofES 'o b-,,,-.!i,,(l,,.W,;-wL ■'"'PJ puper print -i rmcl dreiüating inmídCómS tOu.r i: iloyofhSS1 (A truc oopy.) KOAH W. CH IKVFN '' Jutlge of I'íoba'te. ■■le qf Philip Eíding. QT:V' ; : CAN, Cotiñty WWMMé, ... ' At a scssiun ni tln: ( ouit fur tl.ef, ' ' of Washtenaw, holdcnat the pStóSoSSsfafia oi Aun Arbor, ,„. Wednesday, the ninth dRot April, m the y,ar one lousaiid eigbt hunLi and seventy-three. '""ea :m. ,Voah WCbeirfer, Jndgeof Probate Jít (rf Philip Eidinir A, ■ '- John Keck, admin&rator of iuSTSuí into court and reprewnts that he is nnw ÍIí ti''.fr10 Iünder llis ñlltLl ;l(-'cou as bucIi admE Thereupon it isordered. that Wer.Vsdny, the sévént lliy of Muy next, at ten o'cluck in the iotS be asaigned tóniw and allowing Síhcount and that &é heirs at law $ sW de !, and all other persons iuterestéd ín T S . are required to appear at a sessL í, ild Court, then to be hctóïn at the Probate Offir ,in the City of Ann Albor, in said fSSSíffiSSS - if mythe b,.. whi thé said account SS nol Sé allówed: Arrd ft is furtiéí drtféféd. tflfti sáüri minátratorgivetóticé to fhepérsdns interested in L thereoi by msinp a eopy oí this order to be pifliS3 in th JráAjaim .iv,.v, o newspaper printed and ñm latingin s&id I otítíty, three Buceeeaive weeks previ to smd day of hearing. yrmt (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 1421 Judge of Probate. Mortgage Sale. nEÍATftT Hains beefl made in the conditW of a certain mottgage executed by Joseih W V:ut,of the city of Ann Arbor. Couuty of WS,'tenaw, and titateof Michigan, on the twentv'iPri ú-.y t Jhb. a. D. 1867,toBobert McCoimick of thí lomhi Of Ann rbor, County of WwhtenmTi nfie' and remorded in the office of the ReeUtcr nr Deed íor the Cdftnty oí Washtenaw. nnd 8tate ñfOT. Hftid.ontbe twenty-aecañd day of June A 1) t i o'elock P. M. of said day, in líber numbw 5 niortfínge s, on page 784 ; and that there is now claimeS tobe dut' ;md impelid on said bond and morte,u'e th Bum of tour hunüfred and forly-one dollars and twen ty-flveeent, ;.ft uttorneya fee of tbty. dfliai EB añy ptoáaedings be taken to tóttáoitm& mortgage, and no proífeeai-!{r in law or in eouilT haviúff befsn liad to recover said súA of money orany pait thereof; now, therefore. notice U hereby nvi that by virtue of a power of sale in said moríza-á . öoataioed, I ahaü sefl at publio auction to the hiíht t o-tthe thiríy-iirst duy oí May next, ut two o'clock P. M. oí Muid day, at the íi'ont door of tha Court House, in the city oi' Ann Arbor, in the Count? of washtenaw, and State of MiehieA, mt teins the place where the Circuit Conrta are held .1i5.ift tóMt uil those certain pieces oí parcela of land Mtunted in the cil y of Ann Arbor, County of Wáshténaw afore-' ■ ■;■'}. feihg Iota Anmer one ti), two, threc, and four in blofk numl,c-f six $Wñtan ana Tuller's arldition : tothe vulage now city of Anr; A b ;'alwa pitceol ■ land eight rods square , botmded on the n-'est ïh Pi. ticiuhtrcet, fouth by the north lme of block nudiJi six, Browfi and Fullera addition, on the non Hr lund ewned by Jumes, and n the cast by the party ÖÉöt ], n t and D mie) Crawford ; also u pieceof ■ I;;nd lylrig befween ihe north east corner of Int mimbcr two and tlie norlli line cf block number en Urown and i'uller's addition to the villaje of Ana Arbor aforenaid, beïng a triangular piece of landre betweea the noith linu of lois one imd two, bloei number -ix, Brown and Fuller's addition undiU north l-ric nr' sitid bloekY ■ ted, ALii'-h 6, 1::;. WlLLfAfi 'Ï.EXfi, löffifstrator with the Wilf aönexe Jons N. Cott, of the Estáte of Kobert MdCijmick,Attorney for dtccastd. Adrainlsttutor ei1 Hortgagee. 1410 Ittörtgage Salo. nEFAT'LT haring bgen made in the condities of i I f oontain moitgafre dated the second day of Jul-, Jí. 1856, m ide and exocuted by Hugli II. Vredandand Hunnah Vreeland bis wife, of the rownslnp of hndx, i enaw Connty, aiStárte of Michigan, to Jobrlis, of the same place, anj ifflirdedln the othceoi ■ of Deeds for thé County of AViinhtena, State oí iíiehijiin. on tlie second day ol July, Af, IS5G, and recoided in libcr 2ïut mortgages puge 6b', (vhïch saïd mortgage ws on the 8d diy of January, A. 1). is:.;, d'ilv assigned by Charlea Crane, Aa(if .John Geddis, to Hannah at wak rocötded in the' lie-jistev's Oöi t Connly of Washtcnaw. in libtrS of a&iisnmenU of mortüïmrson paye (i 6,nni which Biiid mortgage Waa on the'3 st ay óí .i;miiii;v A i). l7iï, asi ih'1 by Jlannah Vreeland, oftlW townshipof Ijodi, Washt maiw Uounty. Michigan, to lien: y VTei land, of the BHine place, and which isnign1 m the Regiateï.Hi Oifice of th( ' ef AViuhteiuiw, in líber 3 of mort gapen 0 ÍY} ;:tv! v 'ittIj s iid m'rti--ire was on the IMir day of AlaroS, A. IX 1873, aautfBed by Henix Vree. land to Christian Jlnck ;.nd Fréderick ScMnid, Jr., whïch asfrênmeni was rpcorded in ths Re%MwtA . in tlie County of Va!iten;t-v, ih Hhet a of ges on page 668 ; and whereas, there is due nnd urïpaid on s iid mortgage at the date of this notice tl.e ■ hiunoi' twn thousand one luindred and seveuty-eight 50-1 0 dollars (Í2, luouöd no snit r pfoceod-fns a' 1 iw u y n insi iiuh'd tn iceover the sumeiir anypart ther of: notice is hereby given thatos-St the flfth day of JoIt, A. I. eïghteen inthdred atid seventy tiiree, at twclve o'clock , tht duy, at the front door (aonth sidel of 'heConrt Horipe, in the City of Ann Arbor, U'aslitcnaw Coniitiy jJ icliian. by virtue of tlie power of sale cnntaiued ia said mortgagi, we shall Bell at public auction. to the Ier, the premisea deaeribed in s.iirt niorti ■ thérool as may bè tíecRssavy (o atisjry theamóuSl ttae on s;iiil mortgage ut tliedateof this notice with interest and the eost and expenses nllowed by law. n'nd also kb atteruey fee of twonty-fivj dollars as provided irrsai(l mort gaye. The fóllcíwinf' is a fleseription of the land and presftfséV iis siven In aid moiitrae. and to be sold in pursunnce of uu aVove notice, to wit: The west half fH) of the uuthwest quarter (') of section one (I), town thrcel!?1 soath range five e :st, "Waslitenaw ounty, MicliififtD,' witïi the a ppur ten anees tliereunto .bel uging. ■ DzLfsd., Ann Arljor, .trrch 27. 1873. CHBI8TIAN MACKand FREDKEICK SCHMIU, Jr.fFBEDrr.icK PiSTOiurs, Assineei. ' Atturney forAsfeiglï J41Í _ ■ Mortgage Sale. DEPAUTjT having been made in the conditionnof h certain raortfiige, dated the twenty-fourtlnisy of February, a. f. 18T2, made nnd exocuted by Mnrr K. Kuokraan and Siias 0, Rudtman, ol tlie township' of Mrfhchester, Washtenaw County, Michigan, te' 'Freïtericjt Schmid, Senior, of tho city of Ann Arbor, County and State afoivsaid, and reeorded in tlieoÖiM of the liegister of Beedfi for the county ofWashtfr naw, Michigan, on the twenty-eighth day of Feta ary, a. d. 1372, i:: Liber 46 of JMortgag'es; !)$ 26, by vhv't ti iffiult thepowr of sale contained m said mortgage became operative. and no proceeding in law ur eqaity baving been instituted to recoïfi the debt Becured by said mortgage or any part the' of, and tlio snm of nine hundred and thirty-four dollars and twenty-six cents ($934.26) beinfi no1 claimed to be due upon f-.'M morrgage at tliedftteci tliia ]ioticc, besideti cfiBta nd expenses of thisfore■, Hbd also an Attorney's fee of twenty-fiï ■ dollars : Notice is therefore hereby gfttf thaf said mortgage tt-HI ïtpreclosed by a snle of tli premisea desenbed üi sid mortgage, or some psit thereof. to wit: All tho io-llowing described inni - Bituated in th ooonty ot' "VVa9htenaw,títate of Miehimtn, being1 the. west half (,') of tha' northwest quarber ( '.[} of sectiurj Beven (7), containincf thirty ncres;' also all that part of thé Mt half [f2] of the stnitheasi ijLiaricr ( lA ) of section mimlier one (1) lyinST ■'sctiThwe-t of liiver Eaisin and öorth of the' Hnlire Hoad. rontainiiif? about elght ncres, all of w& eing in tovnsMp four (4) south of range thrrt (S) east, at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front deur [south #e) of the Court House in the rity of Ann Arbor, in said county of Washtenaw, on tb twenty-eighth day of Juneuext, at noon. Dstod, April 2, 1878. FE EBSEICK SCHMID, Senior. FnrDFKTCn-"Pi-:-T:iT irs, ■. - . Mort?? Att(íriiffJttW MVftsftgöe, _ ]420td Mortgage Sale. rvÉÍAtJXT having' been niade in the conditiotisoí U a eeitain mortgage dated the tiTst day of liafefiff A.. D. 186b, madQ and executed Sy Jdhn Diebl tw Margtiretta Uichl, of the city of Ann Arbor, MW' iian, to Eenry L. Jumes, of WiUminsburgh, i" íh : Mas&achiisetts, lid rc-cordtil in tlicofliceot the RegistMf of Deeds for the Couuty oi' Wasbtens Btateoi Mjehigar, .n the thrrd Jay ol ilarob, A. D 1869, in liber 39 oí mortgóg, u't'page 532, which f: mortgage was on t"WKtftíxtÉ day of Bíjfcédiití A. 1). löT'2, sold und asaigntd b"y said l'ienr ƒ L. Jamt' to Leonard öruner. whicíi said assipnment wns on the thh-tieth day of January, A. 1). 1873, recorded in tiie eüiee of the Register of Deeds aiöresaid. in ]ibJ .'ï of assiiriiment ' f morfgögcs, on Dtige VM na is (hu and unpttid on Paid inortg-üpcfl' the dalo of t-his notjee the sum of tw nty-six h un3 red dollars (f2600 00) and no snit or prdfteedirtg al iHwhfli been inntituted to reoovef the same or tiny. pmrt therf of. Notice is ín reby given tliot on wLoiaf, MíiT twelfth, A. I). 1878, a't 11 oV'lnck nicïoh of that dny,1 . ol door (spuih f-ide) 94 !he Court House, in tM city ot Ann Arboy.WnaÜt) naw Cffonty, MichienDiW virtnieol the power of'siüe coniiH'ned in said m"il' íaBe, Ishall sel] at public auction fcto the high1 bidder, the nremises d( senb d in said mortyatie. or" inuch triereot' as may be neteapary to shImI'v tn imuunt duo on said mortg?ige at the date of this u"j lice, with interest, and the ei si and i xpenscí" nlIf'V y iaw, nnd rIho ;m attofney foe oí ?3O.dO as piovid neaid mortgnpe. The following ie a dsscnption ' ;he land and premises as iveii :ii : rwfl riiorig? :il o be sold hl pursuasnKt of tlnv above notie, ttfwififcsoipaiatls ot land sitnatcoij heoityof Ann Artop, of Washtenaw, "ú State aföresaid, knowtï, bounded md dworibed s 'f' ows, lo wü : Being lotsnufubera five andsix (5 na6' ii block number nine, in irtqsfcby and PaLfs additioB 0 the villa-i [now city] of ei Ai hor nnd aito tJiflj', of li1! i:i:ntl Cl ii;l:i in Bld biuek, lyilif? sCilIjj 1 direct line frofn the ist corner of said lot fivp til- pootheaei corner oi id block numb r uine, with th OppUl ' ÍB(T. , Ann Ai'bsr, iebruaiy 3, 1873. liüiiAÜÜ UKUXFK, FïteDERICTC T'TSTnr.TI"!-, AseipnfC' Vttorntry for Assi-neo. . Hl:i Assifïtieés' Notice. NOTICE is hereby giTen thrféflieassigrecsof ÏÏetiifl i íoodyear will nrreëi at 1 he Cíe orïyeai iínv?c, iü 'J' VUlageöi iJ.'inrlu -mlt, in i)ip County of Wiishtcn nnd State of Michigan on TWöthiy the sixth d:!?'r' Haj ti' act, al ten orclock in thèforer.oon, t receive" atai ment of uil 1 1 tjms arainst said llrni yêysxisting nt tba date ol the nspitnment tothe ytiofr . ind tlftlt nU pervone whei cïesiie to jet-ei1'1 ion under snid i-i:"i:i!iriit, must L ive i1-".)t their claims with Lhe vouchers or proof therr;'! v i. said meeting, asiti'1 to deel re t dividend iimong ci editora at ti1 ►on t herenfu i1 as m ■ Dafted, Manohester, Fet. 2fi 18. RANSOM S. PJITTir, JOStTH McMAHON, WM. CALKIN, IÏ15 Assigneeaf Eenry Goodyeif%fn ÖQfö per dayl' Aprnts wantedl Alt either sex, young or olU, make more jnoiiey work for us ín tlieir spare uioments or all w time, thanat anytliinji tlse. Particular tre Addrew Q. Stiiison & Co., Portland, JW.


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