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- Sorae one has unearthed a pending constitutional amondment, submitted to the States by Congresa in 17S9, which roads: " No law varying tho compensation tor services of Senators and Rcpresentatives sball take effect until an eleotion for Representativos shall have intervened." A resolution has been offeved in the Ohio Legislature, nowin session, raüfying the araendment. As Congrcss is not likely to submit a simiTar amemlment, Ohio should ratify it and the otlier Stateá folluvv her example. Better lato than never. - And now comes T. Tilton and avers that when hv. was editor-in-cbiof of the Independent, his employor, Henry C. Bowen, perpotrated vile sltinders of the Woodhull stripe upon Beecher, and that afterwards hc rupentorl and throatened,. rengoanoe upon T. T. if he would not pledge eternal secrecy, and for want of sach pledge turned him out of the fat pastures of the Independent, and compellod him to browse on the cold and unteoling charities of the world. - Here is how an öld and somewhat familiar item has been remodeled for the " Peminine Personáis " column of the N. Y. World : " The first female gradúate of Michigan University bas been offerod $,uuu a year and her expenses to tell what she knows in a Japan school-house." She was n't a gradúate, and, besides, has n't had such an offer. That'a the principal differenco between the item and the truth. - Gen. Grant has made another firstclass speech (for him), it was made at St. Louis, and may be found in full in another column. His wife ought to turn Mrs. Caudlo and give him a curtain leoture for one of its allusions ; and St. Louis ought to be thankful for the intimation that he does not expeotto beoome a permanent resident of that city. - After tho Advertising Agónt's ConTenüou recently held in New York had adopted a resolution to govern their proceedings by Cnshing's Manual, the President permitted tho disoussion at length of a motion that a certain resolution lie on the table. Neither aceording to Cushisg, Jefferson Gun ter, nor Hoyle, Bro. Pettengill. - The Secretary of State is reported as having put his foot down and refused to draw his order for paper for five hundred extra inanuals ordered by the Seuate, and so that little steal waa stopped. And hi3 name it is Striker. Good for his " ten strike."' Wish he could get in several such shots. - The Louisvillo Courier-Journal defines the political leader needed as " a brilliantly eduoated rufBan - a htfï-oic, statesman-like, high-minded, and honest blackguard- a blatherskite with courage and real genius for public business :" and rules Charles Francis Adams out. - Adviees froin the seat of the Modoc war say : " The opinión prevails at headquarters that tha Modocs will not make another stand, but wüi break up in smnll parties, and must be himted in detail.'1 And tho cavalry is promised an " all summer's work." . - " The Modocs are to be exterminated" comes flashing over the lines, not from Gen. Gillera in the field, but from Gen. Sherman's hoadquarters at Washington. Did Gen. Shermin ever hear of the recipe, beginning " first catch your rabbits." - The Detroit Tribune insinuates that anti-milk ndulteration petitions were 80 manipulated as make their names do duty in praying the passage of the park bill : and tjiat other petitions were so couverted and used. - " The King and Quaen of Denmark are to visit London in May." That's oue of the very iuipjrtant items of news which oainu over the cable a few days since : and the cable is not yet reported broken. - Hon. Levi Walker, of Flint, chairraau of the House Committee on State Affairs, and one of the few able or really competent members of the House, died at Lansing on Saturday last, of pneu monia. - " Curros like chickens come hometo roost" is a maxim the truth of which was agaiu verified in the recent Modoc massaere : that ig if au artielo we quote in another column can be relied upon os truthful. - Aaron Eichardson, proprietor of the Albany (N. Y.) Opera Houso has been arrested on a charge of ej eet ing John F Payno and wife, colored. Tho action is brought under a new State Civil Rights bill. - The Priuce of Walos has been installed as Grand Master of tho Knights Templarsof England, Ireland, Wales, and the dependencies of the British crovvn. He is spoken of as " a furious Masón." - The Vienna Commissioners have been detected in a sort of ono-horso Credit Mobilier Bchome- selling "privileges.1' Besult - suspension and an examination orderod. - A coinniissioifhas been appointetl in New Jersey to ' go through' the tution ot tnat otate : pernap-! we shoula say to recommend ameiidnients. - " Sorosis has voted to devote the second dny of Juno to a woman's peace meeting : " which will ba " something new uuder the sim." - The Manistee Standard scissors freely. from this column, leads thecüppings, and nover saye "thank you" or " by your leave." - Arnold Kaichon, of Detroit, and late pension agent, died suddenly on Monday afternoon, of apoplexy. IT HAS been frequently said that there was a marked resemblanco between Gov. Felcii, of our city, and the late Uorach Geeley; and in faet we onoo knew a person not acquainted with the Governor to pronounco his portrait as that of Mr Geeeley. And now tho Governor relates an incident in tho samo line. Durng his recent stop in New Orlcans he made a visit to the Legislature, - we should say to ono of tho Legislatures, in faot to the Warmouth-McEnery-antiCustom-House-and-anti -Kellogg Legislature, having previously visitod tho other black-and-tan concern. Stepping inside the door the officcr in attendance - Sergeant-at-Arms or door-keoper, it matters not which - very politoly said, "take a Beat inside the bar, sir." The Governor was at a loss to account for such marked attontion to a stranger, but was enlightened when he 6aw several heads put toeether, noted tho pointing of a finger, aud heard the whisper, " Mr. Greeley." Tho death of the white-coaied philosopher had evidently been forgotten down there; else our follow oitizen -was mistaken for the ghoat of Gbeeley,


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