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The Schuyler Colfax Robbery

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hinca our otrn perseeuted Colfax was indorsed on his return home by a meeting gotten up without regard to expense he protesses to be botter satisfied with hls onuiged oondïtion, Ihough ho grieves about tho mgratude of repu blies, and ofteu sighs over nian's inhumanity to man. He is now engaged in setting up thu pms for a nomination to Congress and i willing to pay a high. price forthat honor, knowing that it can be made to payas a material in vestment, and expechng to use it as a moral piaster for his wounded charaeter. His oorrespondenee is less volumuious than it was in forrner days, but what is lolt of it ia quite samtJy in sentiment, so as to be worthy öt the bost poriods of any Ohristian statesman Just at tbis time he is in a Juore clioerful state ot inind than ho was a Hiontli ugo. ülad tidings came recently to rehova his anxious bosom and improve tho state ot' his threatened exchequer. It wiU be renieniberod that toward the close of Congress his room at a hotol in Washington was mitered and robbed while the lato Vice-President wassettlinopoints of order and explaining his con tradictory testimony at thê" Capítol A sharp thief got wind that Sohuyler had concealed a box of valuable bonds and stocks in his trunk during the investigaron, wliere it was supposed to be hidden irom human eyes, and safe against such intrusiva scrutiny as had penetrated thmysteries of his bank account. To open that trunk and carry oif the precious contents was the work of an expert, whose keen scent had made him a fellow-lodger with Colfax for that express purposo. When the robbery came toliKht ler is said to have collapsed as badly us when CUkes Ames coolly handcd hiin the convicting oheok tbr $1,200, payable to " b. O. or baarer.'li Every sinile was knooked out of hiin, aud he rorgot on t'ie spot a whole volume of parliaiuentary precedente. What was to be dono in tliat düomma beoame the supremo thought. ihe box contuined a fortune, and to loso ït was to sacrifico the gains whioh had cost the owner his good name. If the truth was told all the sham superstructure of quibbles, lies, and worse, would tumble to piceos likp a house of carda and perhaps be followed by prompt peacáuient. bo exposuve was adroitly stirled, tho public was put on a íalse scunt, and the huge robbery was dwarfed into a mere trifle ia order to distract attention. Only a thousand ortwo dollars, somo jewelry, Jacos and fomale toei y were stolen. Nothing more! ThatNvas the story which Schuyler cooked up ut the time, and caused to be telegraphed all over the country. AVhen in point of faet a tenth of a milliou had been stolen which he did not dare to adinit exoept secretly to the authorities Even as it was, curious people in these parts, and others who kuow much more than they have yet told, naturally inquired how iit oame to pass that Schuyler was carryinoabout bonda in this loose way, just as il' he was not a uiember of the temperance society, or had never lectured before the Y. M. C. A. Tho whole affair was mystenously hushed up, and by downriKht V"S "i "s i "uw cercainiy known. The soquel to this story is at last out, and it explains the contented air of Schuyler. Bofore leaving tho national capital he kncw that the pólice had got on the track of the thievcs, and that tho bulk of the stolen property had been recovered. Now he knows that the losa will be coniparatively umall, owing to the skill of the men who worked up tho case. Indeed, he has reason to " smile," for the araount carried oiF was botween ninety nd one hundred thousand dollars in United States coupon bondsand stonk nf yanous kinds which would a talo uní'old if exhibited to public view. Colfax has always pretended to be poor. That was ons of the eieuients of his dofonse ia the recentAuvestigation. He could not have received so lare a suru as twelve hundred dollars without his iniud and meniory being impressed with a íinancial event of that magnitude. Ho did not affect much stylo or make many operations here, for that would have startled comment. Yet all the while he had thousands standinjr to his uruun ai uay uooKe s Dunk m Washington City, and lurge trunsactions, whioh, according to the testimony and the criticisin upon, astounded evcrybody who had believed in Sohuyler's protestations of poverty. Whuie did all this monoy come fronii, and how did Colfax happen to havo a hundred thousand dollars in bonds and stocks in his trunk ? That is the question now. Did soine othor doad man, " almost a toUl stninger," leave his special deposit in his keeping, as the defunet contrae tor geut him that imaginary 1,000 greenback, besidea quarteiiy paynients by check, or were there o t hier Nesbitta wbo contributod from enormous profits and plunder of the trovernment to augment the fortune of a Speaker aud Vice-Presi-, dent who was their purchased agent or their pensionad tooi 't The facts in the caso do not lest upon any doubtful authority. Mr. Colfax can readily be aceominodated with a precise statement of all tho recovered praperty, if isot content with that which is now, or was latcly, ia hls possession. IL luis p'erststeotlv utriven to prevent any publicity, and wïilfully deceived his i'rijnds with falso versions of the robbery. Pólice aiithoritios everywhere keep au official record, and that will show the exact amount and description of siocks and bonds which he ïvcuivu 1 back. Let him rise and explain how he cauie by this buudrcd thousan 1 dollars, without referring it to the Iay of Judginent, as he did his " welcome home" speech about the Oedit Mobilier dividends.


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