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m3 li LA" 1 nNOWRYPUBLÍcf ; Aptfo ! :;i Jfej,í jj El GENERAL iJj E iL-U fcft-iáá CONVEyANCER UkiJL. ' ? % ANN ARBOR PCT33! !? y- bm.chJjJj1 ,a IPj_-riJ Lü rra L J ii . i Et-tJ L " - liJ!llMMM!Ëll!a:!; !U''in!i401ÜMr!iii!L'JiMUiill!!jilLilllliüJÉliJ OüU ABSTRACT BOOKS! As partially indicated abovc, nre now posted to date They iit , in i condensed ir posted foini, show the ori.!niü chaln :uid ullnewehainBof title. Instance snich is AUDITOR GENEEAL'S DEED8 Known as Tax-Titles, Vhich nre very numeroua in tilia County, Decrees, Contracis, Deeds ■WILLS, ScC, Alf noir as well as alï of the old nndiachnrec Mortgtijrès us fr baek as 1824- which nre leions Persons tnlc'r title or morton -res and Hens will remembcr that Tax-Titlos and other ooilateral o&alten are not foand in tho Os la! mole of senroh by Indexes tthfi Register'! otürp. The books or libers in the Registert üice have bccomesojuumerousand volum inous that lont? time ia iiecessaHl required even to miike ; haaty and unrelinbla Raich. "VVit,h ourfscili tios we say to tliu pnbüc that we enn show them tule and Title History, innke üeeds, Mortaes, A.ssii?nment.s. Discharges, &c, as oon-octly, qincker and Ín better stylo thun auy other office iu tlie County, We have MONEY TO LOAN ! On Bond and Mortgage en long time. REAL ESTÁTE SoW or exohanged. HOUSES TO RENT. 33 acre? opposite the Observutory íor sale in lois to euit purchusers. ROOT & LEITER, Real Estáte Agents, No. 1. Gretjory Bloek , Tkact Y. Eott, and opposite theTostoffice. Charles A. Leiter. 1410tf W HITE FU RE LEAD. LEA D. S WARRAMTED ifc 3 fy STRICTLY % 1 PURE WHITE" j r lead. J VIEILLE MONTAGNE FKENCH WHITE ZINC Parlor Snow White ZincCRYSTAL PA LACE WHITE LEAR Permanent Green I'or Blind, &o. f AFÏITE LEAD ! In Colora for Outside and Inside Painting, Varnishes, Oils, Colors, Brushes IRö!ï-iUD.ÏlSBAL PAIRT ! lliuiufucturcd from pure Iron Ore, far superior to thosc made of Clay, Kotten Stone, Dirt, &c. Our Pure ürund of WHITE LEAD we offer to the public with the positiva wsurance of absolute purity. As muoh of the White Lind told as pure is nhilttradírom 20toS)Oper cent., Consumera will cousult thcir interest by giving us a ca 1. R. AV. EILK & CO., DruffffiHts, Ann Ahboií, MlCH. Corner opposite Savings Bank. I!19m6 MOTHERS! MOTHERSÜ MOTHERS ! ! DonU to procure ItlItS. W1S. Lun's sooimxi sïhip fok iaii.intj;. TEEXUINO. Th!s volottble prenaration has been used with NKVER-FAILINO SÜCCLSS IN TUOUSAKDS 01? C iUKS. lt. not only relieves the child from pain, bnt in vigórate the sLOiuicli and bowels. correcta acidity. and „ñvef! tone aud Berg; to thd wholc Bystem. Jt will also Instantly reiieve Grlplng in the lioivels and AYind ('olie. Webclieve itthcBESl' and SUREST KEMEDY N TUE WOUL1), in all cases of DYSENTERY vXI) DIAKKUUSA IN UUILDKEN, whcthtr arleiiíí from teetblDfl or any other case. Uepcudupoii itniothers, it will yivercat to yourelv;e, aud Relief and Health to Your InCniits. Be siire and cali for "Mrs. Winslotv's Soothing Syrnp." lavina the facsimile ol "CUIIT1S PFEKI.NS' on the outside wrapper. Sold by' Druggists throtifihout the world. Tnn akböe"" Mineral Springs House. Is boratiful resort for hcalth-soekers is now open, with lts IRON, MAGNESIA, AND SULPHÜR WATERS, CoTiniodiotisbniMii g heft tod by stcam, and large and well-ventilnteü roomsWATER AND AIR BATHS, Of all temperatnrep, also Shower, Vapor, Medicated ind Electric Iialhe are employtd with advantage iv he treatment of all forms oL chronic diseapes md discases of femalea. Special attentioii paitl o filet. With plciisant snrroundinps,nnd sltuaicd in one f the mdst healthy beautiful r'Hes in the counry ,H possesars aUractions furiu all ís or for pleaaure-eeekers ?cMom found. The aiirtlysiiOf the Springs will belürnished n applfctttion. Pttrsuns dlrloe circuí ars to aend to their riendioan procure tuem at the ofllceof thFroprieors on Harón itreet, or at the S'pringe. Addressi all 1 ttï re of inquir.v to MORRIS HALE, ai. 0., Hapt. - Ann ArboiïjMich. Suthoriand and Whcdon, lrop'; Ann Arbor. Mlch June, 11, 1872. DWELLINGÏÏOUSEB FOR SALE zzm A larennd very tv:11 built brick house, with two r more Iota. Two laxfffl lramod houses. Also a íooti izcd brick house and frnmed ; and a ciunli rame liouseon a poodlot. in tended íoradding uíront, or sule on fair terms and a reasonable credit. Also other buildings, lotü, and proptfty, ITIO."'KY WANTED -Sü many wishing to orrow inoney ipplj to me that. I can readily obtain or tenders gjood siatisfactory invostments at teil per cent. interest. E. W. MOR(JAN. Ann Arbor, April 23, 1873. 142SIÍ CËl"TcÉ! ICËl I am now piepured to furnish ICE OF THE BEST (UALITY, And in any qu-intity desii'cd during tho season. m. ANDRÉS. IíOt Gfefttñ at Postofltco. 14 1 7mJ


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