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The Newsboy's Debt

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"Sir, if you piense, my brother Jim I ie oiio you give thebill, you tnow- He couldu't bring the tnoney, Sir, tó ■ ■ woa hurted so. "He dkln't mean to keep the Wmge : ' He got ranned over, up 1 he ui reet: One ivheel wüt right across hia back, And t'other ion:--li, , , i i iUod hia ieet. "Thev stoppad tllu Iioisog just iu (nip, I thon ;hfy took him up for tfcad, And all th,;: d.r, and i He wusn't rittüyiu liis head. " Tlicy took hint to tfie hospita!- . One of tha aewsboya Unow'tw:us Jini And 1 ,v(-ni to, beoause, . 'u tv. o ara bttithers, i 'and kim. "He had money in lus hand, And noviT saiv it any mors. ïmlced he didn't maan to sfcal ! He never lost a ceiit bofore ! "He was afraid that you miht think He meaut to keep it any Tvay ; This morning, whon they braugbt him to, He cried boeause he couldn't pay. "He madet me fetch liis jacket here; it's tore and dirted pretty bad; It's only fit to sell for ra ,'s, But then, you kuc.v, ïPs all he had ! " Wlieir lie gets well -it won't be long- If you will cali the money lont, He saya he'll work hia fingí rs off But what he'll pay you every cent' Artel thoi he odst a rueful glnnce At tlie soiled jacket vrhere it tay, " No, no, my boy I Take back the coat. ' Your brother's badly hurt, you say f " Where did they takc him ? Just run out And hail a cab, tlien wait for. me. Wliy, I would give a thousand ooata, Aml pounds, for such a1 boy ai he ! " Á íialf hötir afior this v.-o stood Together iu tlia ortrwded wards, And the nurao checked the iiastv sleps That feil too loudly on the boards. I thought him Rmiliug in his sieep, ■ And scarce believeil her when she said, Bmoothing away the tangled hair From brow and cheek, "llie boy is dead." Dead ? dead so soon ? How fair he looked ! One streak of sunshine on liia hair Poor lad .' Well, it is warm in heaven : ■ 1)0 neecl of "change" aud jackets there ! And something rising iu my throat Made it öo hard for me to spt-ak I turnedawiy, and Ie ft a tear Lying uxjoiÏ lus sunburued cheek.


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