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Baron Liebig

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_ Justus von Liebig, who diod at Munich, Germany, on the 18th inst., was boni at Darmstndt on the 12th of May, 1803, so that he was withiu a few days of being seventy years of age at the time of bis death. When a young man lie showed a great predi Icction for natural Ecience, and laid the foundations for his enduring f ame as a chemist. He studied at Bonn 1 Erlangen, and afterward in Paris where ho attraoted theattention of Jlumboidt. In 1824 he was ftppointed Extra erdinary Professor, and in 1826 Ordinary Pi-iifewor of Chemistry at Cxiessen, whero he iitboi-cd until 1852, giving that üni■rersity a wide reputati'ou and winning iiOnors for himself, being elevated to the rank of baron by the Duke of Hesse. In 1852 he acoepted a professorship and the charge of the oifemioal laboratory inthe University of Munich. In 1860 he was appomtecl rresideat of the Munich Aoadejny of Sciences. The researehes of Baron Liebig were principully devoted to organii; chemistry, on which h has written eeveral works which have had a most extended ciroulation, huving gone through numcrous editious and been translated into soveral different lanuages. They oonstitnte invaluablo additions to scientiíic líterature, and are generally, if nót universally, acknowledged to be the highest uuthority on the subjeots upon which thev treat


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