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Wheat For Tilt Brain

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-Nothinsr is moresure in the ohomis try of lite than tlmt the grc-at bread-eaters are tho great thinkers, orthat tbe phosphorus wliich it contains intheouter kernel iinmediately beneath the husk is tho feeder of brains, aüd the material substance whioh provokos to thoughr, study, reason, and all the icnus of nervons energy. There are physiologists who attiibute the reraarkubl.! success of States liko Ohio Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois to the bounty and perfection of the wheat Mop, and tho intcllectunl stimulus, or rather food which ii affordg thè brain. Cotainly 110 con ;ionwealths iu the world have uvinced u higher seuse of law and order, or more rapidly developed a social system v noh has hardly un equal in tho world But the full value of wheat as a civilizer wul iiüvor bo fully realized until wheatm il takea the place of bolted flour, and peop e learn to make bread without yeast er nsings. Good bread is emphatioally tho' staffof Ufe; but the commercial artiole is the way to dyspepsia and


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