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-Une ofthübosl rultjN thu 1 farmer or'aruener can t'oüow to insum ! success in getting a good tand of tender ercps is to iUiut ui-uil. Tnke for cxhib pUymoloqe, K,n ■, cucumbcrs, Lima beans, and suoh ofher produces tis inay te desirable to Start (arly, and vvhioh of W9 fail wben plantèdrearly, and ajiply tiurule ;it llic iriul oí Ihif arlido, and sue OOM wottld lx' criíaiii. Fit your ground oarly; niaka brood, riob, flat Lilis, a'iiglitly crowüing to insure dryos8 and ffuin wariath. Tben plant earlyiti the lauüüa and ono Week later put down a few more Mada in tbe bilis wuh tho thumb and fingere ; a week latei repcat tho planting, and if the Season be particulaly eold und baokward, aod the fírst plantiwgs do not appear, a foorth raay be iïecessary. By tbis raetbod success is renderod oertaiu. But little timo is lost, for the latsï plant ings will growso fast as to oveifafeo the ürst. At the proper timo tiiinning must jü dono, and the erop is ttion handsomelv


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